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Existing Mechanics

4 Apr 2019, 2:26 am
I know doctors are being reworked so I won't delve into that but other carriers I have questions with are Animal Husbandry and Cooking.

Pets have no use whatsoever aside collection reason so why should I bother other than for the serpent festival? The only pet in the game that gives stat buffs are the sweetie corns which I'd need to sell my soul to get a magic one (same with a worker token)

Cooks are just there for the feast and the occasional warrior item however said items need to be gotten from my inventory unlike with potions which make them useless when trying to grind. Not only that but they are the only job in the game without a costume to boost stats, yes there is the sweetie corn but as mentioned before it's ungodly to get one. A chef outfit would be cute! (maybe it could also give a warrior buff as you could use the frying pan as a weapon X'D)

I adore giving my villagers houses but decorating options are too limited, too expensive and no reason to do it other than fun or the occasional contest.

Why can I transfer an item from a person's page but not offer them a trade? Why are two similar features divided in such an annoying way?
5 Apr 2019, 9:55 am
I really agree on the inability to start trades on a person's page, especially since I'm usually one of those people that have to do swap threads for pet genders and such. x_X
6 Apr 2019, 3:07 pm
Referral System

There could be some more improvements maybe to the referral system? It hasn't been touched ever since the site was released and maybe by adding some more awards would encourage people to refer the site and possibly help with activity.

Additional Notes
  • n/a

Career Achievements

I completely forgot about career achievements until I randomly was looking at my villager. The reward seems pretty little for each achievement and it's pretty easy to complete them all. Perhaps a revamp or maybe adding more achievements to complete. Trophies could be earned after completing a certain amount, maybe creating a milestone for them.

Additional Notes
  • or do away with it completely


Being blunt the lottery on FV is stale and needs some attention too since it doesn't get as much notice as when it first came out. I was thinking that some ideas is to also include an item incentive as well that players will feel more than tempted to participate in the lottery; however, since the lottery is a daily event perhaps make it so that there is a variety. Each day could be a different item but a specific category or just randomize it in general.

For example: The lottery has 10,000fc automatically per usual + offering a super rare minipet

Additional Notes/Suggestions
  • perhaps players could make a sort of a monthly lottery potluck? basically players toss in a really nice item to giveaway in the next month's daily lotto for example idk then again this could be a total fail if no user donates any item that will create a bigger pool of people participating
✦ lvl up warrior
✦ participate in the feast
✦ stop collecting minipets
✦ only collect specific items i actually like
✦ sell explore items in stall or invoinvo
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✦ FC 3m+
✦ FD 1427
✦ Inventory 36
✦ Storage 814
✦ Villagers 19
6 Apr 2019, 3:13 pm
I like aiming for the career achievements, but I feel like they could have a better incentive. Payout of fc is rather low, even for achievements that are rather high-tier.

I was thinking recently it might be cool if achievements gave a bonus- either for completing each one giving a small bonus, or completing all for a career giving a larger bonus. Bonus ideas: slightly higher chance of Animal Husbandry careers catching rarer animals or rarer colors of these animals, Chefs taking just a little bit less time to cook something, explorers getting one extra turn, etc.
18 May 2019, 10:48 pm
Recycle shop

The Item museum should list when a thing is in the recycle shop like it does for other village shops.

Separate the warrior related items into its own tab
__• FV for FR
__• art shop
19 May 2019, 1:27 am
I would like to mention the Wardrobes once again. And try to offer a suggestion for a solution, if I may.

The Wardrobe system as it is now is okay, but many users (including myself) have already voiced they do not like it, for many reasons.

The Wardrobed Painties cannot be Liked nor Blocked, as normal Painties can, yet they show up in the Paintie Gallery and when clicked on the Villager's Wardrobe (which can include many Painties.)

The bigger problem is switching out Wardrobed Painties or Uploading new Painties with one already in the Wardrobe. The rules are very confusing for one.

Secondly, if the bases don't match [ 1) Warrior Cat switches with a Pirate Cat ; 2) Normal Cat switches with a Shifty ; 3) Chibi Cat switches with a Shifty and so on ] then the system will not allow the species to change because of the 1st Paintie in the Wardrobe which has a set species.

My solution is this: Instead of having the same species as the Wardrobe Paintie #1, Wardrobe Paintie #2, etc, and the current Villager (paintie or not), instead have them all as individual species.

When the user chooses to upload a Paintie to the Wardrobe, this sets the Wardrobe slot as that species/color/costume (whatever it was at the time, cat, shifty, costumed, chibi, etc.) The villager then becomes the EXACT SAME THING until changed. But it can be changed into any other species at any other time.

Then the Wardrobe slot and Villager with Paintie can be swapped at any time. This will prevent the user from having 2 species at the same time, cuz the other will be wardrobed.

This would probably require a big revamp in the system, and I don't actually expect this exact thing to happen, (especially any time soon) but I do hope it sparks an idea and inspiration for something that will work better than the current system.

Thank you for your time.
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26 Aug 2019, 9:43 am (Edited 26 Aug 2019, 9:45 am)
Hhhh gosh hope I’m not necroing this. But I did think some additional feedback would be good.

- Increase EXP under lvl 10 in warriors to decrease difficulty for newbies. For something so vital to gameplay, it should not be as walled off as it is.

- Mitigate RNG. Mitigate it SUBSTANTIALLY. I feel like the 0.00000001% chances are really killing people’s desire to do much of anything on-site and that’s something that’d be good to work on.

- Cycling back in things like the Black Friday items / similar variations of those. Believe FV made bank with that?

- If monthly minipets are going to retire, their breedability should be every other day opposed to the current weekly standing.

- Quests is a whole different can of worms, but as I do not have experience with it I don’t quite know where to go with that.

- Very happy about the changes to AH. However, I would like to point out that Herbalists are another one where durability runs out too soon. While AH was of course the more devastating due to losing pets, herbalism is a prime part of the FC economy. I feel like it should be changed to a daily pot breaking opposed to per use - otherwise, the career seems too “pay to win” for my liking.

- The grab bags are a nice touch, although I do feel like to some extent their price value isn’t worth it, yknow? If we’re going by a grab bag approach, RNG should be worth the funds spent. I also think adding the items seperately to the shop for a higher value would work out nicely. So if an item’s 100FD make it 200 to buy the item itself, 150FD becomes 300 to buy the items seperately, etc. Goes back to mitigating RNG but since that’s one of, if not the site’s most widely-hated mechanic, it’s worth saying.

- Also just a tiiiiny pet peeve but I want the gallery to save the order you put items in. It’s frustrating when they keep getting jumbled.

- Perhaps an ability to set storage in user settings based on different organization, such as “by type” and the other drop down under alphabetical. It’d make it so much easier to find stuff.
8 Nov 2019, 10:54 am
For DMM and similar events, it would be nice if we could retrieve the fruits if out cooking pot if we put something in before the end of the event and can't retrieve it before it ends.
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