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Exploration Event Guide + Archive

23 Aug 2017, 12:42 pm
Adamented wait, what? I was going going to quote what you already had since im not really updating this anymore
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23 Aug 2017, 7:49 pm (Edited 23 Aug 2017, 7:49 pm)
finally got something from the black card other than all turns lost/some turns lost/nothing.
This card is interesting. It reveals a small rope and a towering cliff. If at first you thought the cliff was an insurmountable obstacle, it now seems manageable from a new perspective. Reinvigorated, you discover some new fantastic things during your travels today.
Magistrate picked up 272 FC!
Clock Pieces x1
don't know if it's a randomly rolled rare explore item + some fc, but there's the flavortext for you if you need it. :u

(first time getting anything with it and honestly so disappointing OTL)
24 Aug 2017, 4:54 am
answrs rip.. yea h I don't think I'll be flipping any of those any time soon xD
thanks for the info though!! I'll add it!
howdy! <3
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24 Aug 2017, 3:25 pm
Not certain who to ping for this, but I have gotten results at the stone marker event and black wheel of doom that I have not seen recorded. I also have more info on the red card with lion outcome.
For the black wheel of doom, I generally get the outcome where it stops on a skull and you lose all remaining exploration turns, but I once recieved an outcome where it stopped on something else and I ended up with a big cat morphing potion.
For the stone marker, I have successfully climbed the rope ladder once. The accompanying message said that my villager had seen a beautiful sunset or sunrise(can't remember which one) and was rejuvenated. They had refilled exploration turns afterwards.
The red lion outcome gives you a few more exploration turns. I believe the number mine gained was four.
24 Aug 2017, 9:08 pm
I just found a yellow card, which was said to be very rare (I should've thought to screenshot it). It gave me a Magic Clownfish Manokit Plush _ @ Not sure if anyone has reported yellow card yet!
25 Aug 2017, 7:12 am
StrayChowChow Congratulations on your get! Unfortunately it's the text I'm still looking for x___x;;
howdy! <3
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28 Aug 2017, 1:39 pm
Ivory I got it again and screenshoted it this time!


Different item and flavor text than the Clownfish Manokit plush, however.
28 Aug 2017, 1:47 pm
StrayChowChow Ooh thank you so much!
howdy! <3
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28 Aug 2017, 2:02 pm
Ivory You're welcome! I honestly didn't think I'd get one again so soon, but I will be keeping an eye out to document other results if I get any more C:
4 Sep 2017, 4:22 pm
I got a yellow card this morning. I flipped over the card before I realized what I had found though!

I remember the discovery text said something about the yellow card being "very rare" and that I should feel lucky or something.

Anyway, this is what it gave me.

30 Sep 2017, 10:51 am (Edited 30 Sep 2017, 10:53 am)
To Ivory

If you're still managing this thread, here's what might be interesting: I've got a Yellow Card today and GOT A FREE DIVER COSTUME, and a text line that hasn't been recorded in the Google Doc yet!

Here's the text when I got the costume:
> (Found yellow card) "A glorious yellow card! These are rare! Do you want to flip it?"
> (Selected yes and flipped) "The card manifests into an ethereal star that dashes about you. Dust falls from the star, and a costume appears below you." *costume given*

I was about to yell loudly in the midnight for getting a free costume, as I am a newbie - been here for 11 days only! - and haven't made any costumes by myself!

Anyway, hope it helps you, as both you and I are interested in this full guide. Also, thank you always for sharing the guide. It really helps newbies like me!
30 Sep 2017, 12:22 pm

Thanks for the contribution! Welcome to Furvilla by the way, nice catch so early on! I'm glad to hear the guide has been helping you out :').
howdy! <3
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1 Oct 2017, 12:09 pm (Edited 6 Oct 2017, 1:05 am)
To Ivory

It's good that I made a contribution, and what's better, I've brought some more unknown results and texts! :)
(2 about the Red Cards, other 2 about the Cave, and the other about the Skull Wheel)

1. Unknown case for the Red Card
"An image of a powerful princess is embedded on the card. Before you manifests a pile of FurCash!" *829FC obtained*
→ This seems to give you a bunch of FC.

2. Known case for the Red Card, but the effect unknown (written as ???)
"The card reveals a lone lion on a cliff roaring ferociously. Inspiring stuff." *Exp. Turns charged from 19 to 20*
→ Seems to have a turn replenishment or some extra turns. I got this case at the first turn, so I'm not sure whether it's the full replenishment or +5. Further investigation is required.

3. Chance of coming across the Cave (General) without consuming Exp. turn on the first hourly exploration
On my first hourly exploration, I've got neither materials nor FC, but got engaged in the Deep Cave event. At first, I thought going to the right and drinking at the lake won't add any extra turns as I still have 20 Exp. turns, so I headed left and got FC. But, at the second thought later was: If I had gone to the right to the lake, there would have been a chance of being granted a Gem Raptor Potion! There would have been no other reason to get me to the Cave for no extra turns.
So, if anyone happens to encounter the Cave on the first hourly exploration, please go to the right, drink at the lake and give me a feedback. I really wonder if I guessed right on the second thought.
(EDIT: It does give you the Potion!)

4. Exact number of extra turns when drinking at the lake
I got extra 5 turns flat, i.e. 8 to 13, 14 to 19. Just a reminder that you have written just "+ exploration turns" without exact number.

5. Three cases for selecting Yes at the Skull Wheel Event.
- Case 1: "The wheel spins for a time, then suddenly stops - a skull. Suddenly, you feel exhausted.
- Case 2: "You spin the wheel, and it lands on a picture of an hourglass. Suddenly, you feel time shift around you - an hour seems to have passed in an instant!"
- Case 3: "The wheel spins for a time, then stops slowly on the picture of, well, a resource of sorts. It manifests below the wheel."

In the case 1, you lose all your remaining Exp. turns, like a Cloaked Figure case from the Detailed Black Card.
In tbe case 2, you lose 10 Exp. turns.from the remainder, i.e. 11 to 1.
About the case 3, I don't know exactly what kind of items the wheel grants, as I encountered this only once. I got a Molten Waste, one of the Reagents used in DMM. Further investigation is required.

That's all I got for the non-village-specific events for now.

One thing to ask: I've got an unknown case for the Old Castle Event (OF-specific), and it seems Laz has been documenting the Old Castle Event. Do I need to let this known to you or Laz?

As always, thank you! <3
1 Oct 2017, 1:44 pm
BigJaekuk Wow! Thank you for your contributions, haha, that's certainly a lot! I've added everything I can from your post.

As for the Old Castle Event, in transferring everything from the dead posts to the Drive a while back I accidentally removed that event and since it's such a big event I haven't had the heart to go through and write everything back up again - so, as you can see for right now I've been linking to Laz's guide and it would probably be better to tell Laz about that one.

Thank you again! It's good to see this guide having some positive use again, even if there are some better alternatives it seems these days~
howdy! <3
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4 Oct 2017, 12:03 pm (Edited 5 Oct 2017, 11:40 pm)
To Ivory

Got some more outcomes of the Card Events and the Skull Wheel! :)

Glorious Blue Card:
- "The card reveals a warrior, ready for combat. Like the figure, you must be ready to defend what's right." Result: 2 Panaceas

Detailed Black Card:
- The jester thing causes the loss of 5 turns.
- The rope & cliff thing gives you extra 5 exploration turns, in addition to FurCash and a rare item.

Floating Red Card:
- The lion thing gives you extra 5 turns.

Dark Green Card:
- "You reveal a wheel with strange symbols. A moment passes, and below the card manifests a pile of Furcash." Result: Thousands of FurCash (I got 5098FC, next time 8k±?, idk correctly)

Skull Wheel:
- "The wheel comes up with a blank space. For a moment, everything remains still.. then the wheel suddenly vanishes." Result: Nothing happens
- The reagent thing seems to always grant you a SUPER RARE reagent. Last time I got a Molten Waste, and this time I got an Ember Meteorite!
- "The wheel spins for a time, then stops slowly on a picture of a scroll - a recipe of sorts manifests below the wheel - what secrets might it hold..?" Result: (EDIT) Random Recipe/Blueprint/Schema
- "The wheel spins for a time, then stops suddenly on an image of a ferocious beast. Below it manifests an animal, which, contrary to the intimidating image, is quite friendly." Result: Random Uncommon minipet, it seems. I got this only once, so further investigation is required.
- "You spin the wheel, and it lands on a picture of some coins. Below it manifests a pile of currency!" Result: Thousands of FurCash

About the Old Ruins Event (OF-specific), I've been exploring for 15 days and haven't ever encountered that event, so there might be a chance of that event being removed. If anyone seeing this thread have seen this event recently, please let me know.

One more thing to tell you: I've been writing the logs of the Old Castle Event as a Word file, including the dialogue, and it's almost complete and it can soon be shared! (Only 3 possible outcomes are not found) Probably I can email you the file to upload to the Drive soon! :D

EDIT: One last outcome to find now!
4 Oct 2017, 12:19 pm
Didn't see this so:

Olde Foxbury Castle Event
Leave - end
Go To Castle- move on
Leave - end
Proceed Carefully - move on
Dash Across - lose several explorations
Try the door - Path 1
Explore the Outside - Path 2
-Path 1-
Try the Door- Path 1-1
Go Upstairs- Path 1-2
-Path 1-1-
Door 1- Seems to only give onyx arm straps on personal experience.
Door 2- Event
Bash door open- Fall through hole; lose several explorations.
Pick Locks- UNKNOWN
Door 3- Random number of random seeds. Max ive gotten is 4 uncommon or 3 rare.
Door 4- Chance of random animal; small amount of FC
-Path 1-2-
Bedroom - Random event or drop. Usually gives me choco candy corn, but once had mini event where mysterious figure crept around and scared me away.
-Path 2-
Explore Garden - Find cherry lumber. Ridiculously broken way to farm it.
UNKNOWN PROMPT - still end up at a longer way to cherry lumber. No danger.

Olde Foxbury Cave Event
Explore the Cave - move on
Maybe not - end
Left - always give random sum of FC to me.
Right - move on
Search for Treasure - gives random items or sum of FC
Drink at lake: refills a few explorations (i believe 5); small chamce for a Gem Raptor Morphing Potion.

Red- gives 1 pheonix fire hot wings, completely restores explorations, sum of FC, possible others.
Green- HP Potion, house durability potion, small chance for FC, possible others.
Blue- Removes or restores small number of explorations, possible others.
Black- ALWAYS completely eliminates all explorations from personal experience.

Might be other events i havent experienced yet.
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21 Nov 2017, 11:25 am
Anyone jwve the guide for the new DMM event?
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23 Nov 2017, 1:43 pm
Jashin325 It's now mostly complete!
howdy! <3
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2 Dec 2017, 3:45 pm (Edited 2 Dec 2017, 10:29 pm)
Didn't see you guys had the warehouse event listed, my bad. :'P
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18 Apr 2018, 12:26 pm (Edited 18 Apr 2018, 12:28 pm)
I think I might add a little to Olde Foxbury Castle Event a little
Quoting from path 1-2 from tasier_aussar's experience, after I had gone to the bedroom and a mysterious figure appeared, my explorer ran away, but next time I went to the castle, I decided to go to the tower, which worked, and I didn't know it different to do so.
I'm not very sure if that's just very hard to happen, but I remember going upstairs and found out it was a tower, not much happening there besides noticing a dungeon-like house in the distance, but I had the option to continue the event after my explorer apparently heard something going on. If I'm not mistaken, there was a secret passageway beneath the castle that wasn't there before that had been opened by the mysterious creature. I followed it through to see a light by the end of it and find myself to choose between finding my way through the beach to home, or explore a misterious building in the distance that looked much like a dungeon,according to what was written.
I headed over to the dungeon, obviously lol. Opened the door to find this marble fox who was trapped and was complaining from believing what the misterious creature said, sayin she was looking for a treasure of some sort, that was right beside me.
So basically, I remember having these two options, which was either freeing the marble fox or looting the treasure with the keys she pointed towards while she complained. I chose to free her and got an item, which I actually forgot what it was. But I'm sure this whole thing is reproduceable though.
Afterwards, quoting once again from tasier_aussar, during path 1-1, door 2, whenever I bash the door open, the misterious creature appears after I go unconscious from falling inside. The explorer wakes up in his house with a piece of paper with the explorer's name written on it, and a crying feather knife stabbed over.
I don't know what else to do. The same scene repeated itself when I tried and now I got two crying feather knives for no reason whatsoever. The window ends the event, the cliff from the outside also ends the event, the garden gives cherry logs, door 3 has plants, door 4 has money or a random animal, door 1 sometimes has FC, the bedroom has some corncandy and I have zero access to the tower now, getting a bunch of wood whenever I try.
Is there any continuation to this? It's kinda mysterious considering the tower feels like to be accessible only after some conditions were met
7 May 2018, 4:54 am (Edited 7 May 2018, 4:59 am)
I don't know if anyone else has already said this but I looked at the google docs documents and I noticed in the DWM [The Lake] event you've stated you gain nothing from it but speaking from personal experience if you choose to [swim] across there's a chance you can get 1 molten waste, i haven't been able to explore the lake enough times to know the reward rates but i got 1 Molten Waste the first time I swam across

Edit: unfortunately I don't have a screencap of it so I will screencap it next time if I ever actually get the chance to get that again

art thread +7 FV time
7 May 2018, 5:22 pm (Edited 7 May 2018, 5:23 pm)
o hey would ya look at that :L
Text: You quickly dive into the water. It's strangely warm and comforting, making the swim across a trivial matter. You arrive safely on the other side of the lake, and dash into the woods towards the fading glow. To your surprise, a contain of molten waste lies idle in the woods. With no one about, you pick it up to take home.
Reward: 1869-molten-waste.png 1 Molten Waste
Or lose all exploration turns

How to and where:
Dragon's Maw Manor
"You find yourself wandering past the old forest near town. This time, you think you can muster up the courage to explore it. Do you wish to continue?"

[No] [Yes]
[The Town] [The Lookout] [The Lake]
[Swim] [Walk] [Ignore]

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5 Jul 2018, 1:17 am
Don't know how much this is getting updated anymore...and I failed to take a screenshot of it but there's a new event in OFB. It has to do with hearing twitering birds or something. Next time i see it I will try to document the text as much as possible but this was the first time I ran into it.
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5 Jul 2018, 1:23 am (Edited 5 Jul 2018, 11:52 pm)
Well what do you know. went exploring with my last explorer and ran smack into it.

Here is the txt of what I decided to do on this time.

While exploring in the forest you hear a cacophony of chirps and twitters in the distance, interlaced with the sound of splashing. Should you investigate?
<Approach> <Nah>

Approach said:
You find the noisy gathering beside a waterhole, it’s a nesting herd of capybuddies! Some parents are tending nests full of eggs and pups, while others are playing in the water. They seem friendly, maybe you can convince one to come with you?
<Go Say Hello!> <Approach with Caution> <Mimic Birdsong>

Approach said:
You crouch down and come forward slowly, trying not to startle the capybuddies. Your slow movements seem to have the opposite effect that you wanted, and the tweets and chirps turn into shrill shrieks. The capybuddies are making an aggressive-sounding bark noise. They must think you’re some kind of lurking predator. Better leave before they attack!

And a failure! I remember picking <Go Say Hello!> the first time and I fell into a lake. I'll try the birdsong option next to see what I get but yeah. Hope this can become helpful to someone.

Mimic said:
When in Foxbury, do as the Foxburians do! You try to mimic a song you hear one of the birds singing. Unfortunately, the capybuddies think your singing is terrible and they voice their discontent. The whole herd erupts into bird shrieks and high-pitched whinnies, so loud it’s almost deafening. You try to cover your ears as much as possible and leave before you get hearing loss.


I'm having a feeling this might have the same sort of rate of chance as the Gem Raptor Cave where a small percentage of the time you'll get a pet. So far no pet. I'm going to keep trying and here's a google doc with what I'm getting each time.

OFB Forest Event
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5 Jul 2018, 3:15 pm
I just got this new explore event and I chose the "Mimic Birdsong" option and got a pet Cappybuddy.