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LF a custom red panda OC, offering FC/FD

23 Sep 2017, 9:07 pm (Edited 23 Sep 2017, 11:47 pm)
Hello! So I had an idea for a new fursona, they're going to be a red panda.

Unfortunately, I'm not good at making character designs.. So I wanted to know if someone could do it for me,

I'm not looking for a finished drawing, just a colored sketch if that's okay. I'm willing to pay as much as I need to in FD/FC. I don't have FD on-hand right now, but I'll exchange FC for it.

Now, onto the rules I have for the design:
The design is going to be themed after the show 2 broke girls ((another reference x)), so I want them to have red, yellow, and black in their design (not black, more like a dark grey color.)
I was thinking their tail to have yellow stripes, and for them to have dark grey legs, but I want the design to look as good as possible so this can be avoided.
I'd also like them to have a yellow dollar sign ($) on their hip.

When you post, please tell me when you think you'd be able to get the drawing done, I'm looking to have it hopefully by some time tomorrow or Monday. Thank you!

EDIT;; Also, gradients are more than welcome! I'd like for their design to be interesting and unique.

EDIT #2;; This is what I had in mind, so somewhere along these lines. I really like the gradient tail and the black legs, so if you could keep those that would be great. DQgn8gy.png

23 Sep 2017, 9:14 pm
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