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Fursuit for sale!

22 Jan 2018, 3:07 pm (Edited 22 Jan 2018, 3:07 pm)
So I meant to make my fursona into a suit but it didn't come out very close so i'm deciding to sell her!

She fits 21-22", unlined with good vision. This only my second suit ever so it's not the greatest but she needs some love ^u^

Price is $150 USD or a fursuit trade of equal quality :0

i0q0zxw.jpg she does have neck fluff it's just not visible

She comes with a pair of puffy paws that are just a bit small

Problems with the suit:
The back is a bit weird as I had never done the back to a fursuit
The cowl was glued on instead of sewn to the face so it's a bit awkward
you can see a bit of foam round the eyes but its not noticeable unless you look for it

The forehead will be fixed before shipping and if you'd like to add anything let me know ^u^
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