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Winner Announced! King Etienne Plushie

15 Feb 2018, 7:23 pm (Edited 18 Feb 2018, 9:09 am)
I admit I moved to OF just to get this awesome plush. It is a custom plush of King Etienne ordered by Lupin .
I am giving it away for free to one lucky person on Sunday (or earlier) Feb. 18th,2018 7 p.m. FV time. All you have to do is post once and I will random.org draw a name.

Imoku is the winner!

15 Feb 2018, 7:24 pm
Thank you so much for this :D
Help Alekzy
Woah I've been gone for a while.
15 Feb 2018, 7:25 pm
:O I saw that was a thing now but was wondering how...... XD Mantis honestly.. :P You and your random giving habit lol
15 Feb 2018, 7:27 pm
Oh my gosh! Thank you for the chance!
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15 Feb 2018, 7:28 pm
I'd love to be entered. That plush is just gorgeous.
15 Feb 2018, 7:28 pm
I love all these new plushies! Not many in Dragonmaw, though.
15 Feb 2018, 7:31 pm
15 Feb 2018, 7:35 pm
Nyello thank you for the opportunity x3
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15 Feb 2018, 7:48 pm
Thank you for the chance~!
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15 Feb 2018, 7:49 pm
This sounds cool, love the plushie.
15 Feb 2018, 7:53 pm
Thank you for the chance !
15 Feb 2018, 7:57 pm
We get it through the bridge dash, right? I originally thought it said "75%," not "7.5%" XD
Also very kind of you to give to others!
15 Feb 2018, 8:00 pm
i'd love to enter! ^^
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15 Feb 2018, 8:01 pm
thanks for the opportunity :o
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I'm learning Italian, I'd like Italian speakers who can help me in need if you mind ;w;

15 Feb 2018, 8:04 pm
I’d like to enter please
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15 Feb 2018, 8:05 pm
Oh wow! Thank you very much for this opportunity! Best of luck to all entrees!

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15 Feb 2018, 8:17 pm
Taki_Wolf Yes you have to dash on the bridge... that would be great if it was 75%
16 Feb 2018, 6:33 am
16 Feb 2018, 6:39 am
Thanks for this opportunity! :,)


16 Feb 2018, 6:39 am
Yes please! Thanks for the opportunity <3
16 Feb 2018, 6:44 am
Thank you!
16 Feb 2018, 6:46 am
Thanks a lot for this opportunity! ~

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16 Feb 2018, 6:47 am
Thanks for the chance!
16 Feb 2018, 6:49 am
Thank you for giving away one for free :D

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