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how'd y'all find out you were a furry?

8 Apr 2018, 11:25 pm
so like....im still debating on whether or not to actually call myself a furry because the fandom can be a little....ehhhh most times and I don't want to be associated with that.

but anyways i remember discovering furries when i was like....9? 10? who knows....and i didnt think much of it. It wasn't un till grade 5 so about age 10 or 11 when i really got into it.

so grade 5 was the highest my elementary school went to and the grade 5's were the ones that would help out in the school bookfair. now my school always rented this big clifford the big red dog mascot suit and the grade 5's picked to help out would take turns in it and have someone with us all the time.

it looked exactly like this

now everyone would fight to have a turn in this thing and it was really kinda unfair because each kid would only have about 5 minutes in the suit. (these were rules set by us not the adults mind you).

whenever i was in this suit i had so much fun. it was hard to walk with the big clunky shoes but it was fun regardless. the only shitty part was all the kids pulling your tail or forcing your head down by the snout to look inside the eyes to see who it was. partly why im not fond of kids. (im not an asshole to them tho. dont be assholes to kids no matter how they're acting. just dont.) it did get kinda stuffy within the few minutes you had in there but it wasnt as bad as the other kids made it out to be. (they would say it was like an oven in it when it was only like a sunny day really)

around grade 6 was when i started making fursona's and furry characters (which were horrible.....one was fucking named "Couch" and she was also a Creepypasta OC...i was so cringey) it took me so long to find a fursona and even now i dont have one....i just have furry characters.

one day i'd love to have a fursuit of one of my characters but i dont see it happening any time soon...or at all lol

8 Apr 2018, 11:28 pm
When I was a kid (5th grade), I was OBSESSED with Warriors and had an oc and everything, I found the furry fandom through those forums and made my oc my first "fursona"
I stuck with the fandom through getting my first fursuit last year
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8 Apr 2018, 11:31 pm
honestly i played Furvilla. that's how i found out i was a furry.

technically speaking i should've known when i found Sonic the Hedgehog more attractive than real life humans, but y'know... i never figured it out. so thanks Furvilla and Furvilla user Omelette for turning me into a furry
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8 Apr 2018, 11:35 pm (Edited 8 Apr 2018, 11:37 pm)
My parents got a cat when I was 3. And for good measure they got another one when I was 5 or 6. And for even further good measure they'd dress me as a cat for every Halloween until I was old enough to actually decide for myself.. and I still chose a cat. And then Warrior cats happened. That about sums up where I am today :,D
I didn't know the term for it until much later on.. but if I had I'm 200% sure I would've classified.
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8 Apr 2018, 11:43 pm (Edited 8 Apr 2018, 11:46 pm)
-Found the warrior cat books, wanted to be a cat. (grade 7) (11)
-Barked. A lot. (grade 7 summer) (11)
-Made a den (grade 7 summer) (11)
-Bought a tail (grade 8) (12)
-Wore tail (grade 8) (12)
-Obsession with nekomimi and Spice and Wolf (grade 8) (12)
-Anime convention introduction to furries. (grade 9) (13)
-refound furries on tumblr. (grade 9) (13)
-Bought ears. (grade 9-10) (14-15)
-Owns several sets of ears and tails, paw scarf. (grade 9-10) (14-15)
-Anime convention 2. Bought Matching tail and ears. (grade 10 summer)
-Fursona (grade 10 / 11 * ) (14-17)
-acceptance of being furry (grade 12) (18)
-Purchased kigurumi (after grade 12) (18)
apparently influenced little sister (age 7) , all she draws is anthro animals and she wants to be a cat. hisses a lot (grade 8-12 )
repeated 11th grade since i switched schools and they lost my documents
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8 Apr 2018, 11:46 pm
I met someone on IMVU [about 2007-2008] and they told me about furries. Never been the same.

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8 Apr 2018, 11:59 pm
tbh i dont even remember how i came across it the first time

though i have to say, the only time you can ever be mean to a little kid is if you just found out they killed your 5 month old kitten.
which happened to me
and im still mad at my nephew for it
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9 Apr 2018, 12:00 am
I think I really started ramping up into furries in the 5th grade but had other semblance's of it since I drew a lot of wolves to begin with, haha. I'm 22 now, but I think my first was FWA when I was, like... 12? I had a full suit who was a baggy-ass reindeer named Blitz I bought on Furbuy, and since I didn't know my measurements and just willingly bought a suit that could fit someone 5-11" when I was/am 5-1". I still have her but don't wear her since she's entirely outdated & unfitting, but I still love her and the memories she brought. <3
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9 Apr 2018, 12:04 am
I love that everyone is citing Warrior Cats, because mine was actually Wolves of the Beyond. For some reason those books spoke to me, even as a little 5th grader. But I made myself a wild of for that series and never turned back. (She's still technically my fursona, I just changed her species to a ferret a couple years ago)
9 Apr 2018, 12:05 am
Sonic the Hedgehog, my dude.
When I was 12 I went through an incredibly cringe worthy sonic phase. My OC was a wolf that could change colors and was super god mod. After I got out of the sonic phase, I toned that wolf down ALOT and kept her as an average character with her own story. Now she's my OC that actually gave me the name everyone in my life knows me by, Razz.
I still look back on the sonic phase and cringe. But hey, it got me into the furry fandom.
9 Apr 2018, 12:08 am
My next door neighbor who is like 4 years younger than me and possibly like 500% cooler introduced me to petsites and Flight Rising and then BAM I skyrocketed into the entire fandom faster than I probably should have.
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9 Apr 2018, 12:18 am
I saw suiters at my local comic con all the time and they were soooo freaking cute I wish I knew who they were!! I always wanted one and I was a werewolf on many Halloweens when my friends fell through on group or duo costumes so its their faults for sucking -_-

Lol I love my friends tho, they might not be reliable dressing up on Halloween but they are for the rest of the year!!! XD
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9 Apr 2018, 12:20 am
hi im captain and im still in denial of being furry

9 Apr 2018, 12:22 am
There were a bunch of signs, but making Digimon oc's as a kid was the biggest one.
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9 Apr 2018, 12:22 am
To be honest, I don't really consider myself a furry since my interest for anthropomorphic animals is at its core the same interest a have for mermaids, fairies and other folklore creatures, it's the fantastic aspect of it that attracts me, not the fact that it's an animal. yes, i'd wear a fursuit and i do have a dragon "sona", but it'd be for the same reason i'd wear a mermaid tail, to be part of a fantastic setting rather than being the animal on its own. Sorry this is a bit off the topic, but hope it's still an interesting view on the furry community
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9 Apr 2018, 12:28 am
I just really liked werewolves and I would look at a lot of werewolf costumes in middle school. I was mainly interested in the art of the costumes more than anything. Plus my friends kept calling me a furry so I just kinda went with it :\
9 Apr 2018, 12:39 am
I made furry characters, movies with anthropomorphic animals were always my favorite, I would make comics, etc. And the someone asked me if I was a furry and I was like, what the fuck is that?
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9 Apr 2018, 12:44 am
Aw man, that's hard to pin-point! I think when I was like... 10-13, where most of my favorite cartoons/movies/media had some kind of cute animal as a focus, and all of that art I did were furries. Then I started getting online, found Sabrina Online and realized there was a name for that kind of general interest! XD
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9 Apr 2018, 12:47 am
i've always enjoyed dressing up as an animal during halloween. i was a cat most times, i also dressed up as a penguin and a white tiger a couple times. i never liked anything else, just animal suits. i would even continue wearing the cat ear headband for days after halloween, including to school. it made me feel comfortable. i hated being around other people, but wearing those ears (and sometimes the tail) made me feel right. when i was 14 i learned about the furry fandom. i heard the good and the bad, and figured the good outweighed the bad in so many ways. at first i thought it was a sexual fetish-- but i did my research, and found that only 5% of the furry community does things with it sexually. so i decided to make my own fursona.

the first was a white tigress named Bella. keep in mind, this was not named after the Twilight series's Bella. i just liked the name. i just drew her for the most part did random art of her, made up scenarios for her story, until i was 19. then i met a guy and started dating him, and met his friends. turned out they are ALL furries. his fursona was named Raven, and was a dire wolf. his friend made me a fur head of Bella. it was beautiful. as our relationship became more bonded, we decided to make matching fursonas. we're both heavy-set people, and have personalities that closely resembles bears-- so we chose polar bears.

his is an ivory colored bear named Shiro, and mine is a pure white bear named Tsuki. yes, the very same as what you see on my profile here. we've made full fursuits of our bears, and we love walking around town in them. it's a bit hot inside the heads, but we manage. here we are nearly 7 years later and we're getting married next month. if it wasn't set for summer we would be getting married in our suits xD

so yeah, that's my furry story. i feel complete being a furry. it's a part of me that has always been there, waiting for the right moment to come out c:
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9 Apr 2018, 12:49 am
hi im captain and im still in denial of being furry

my friends girlfriend (whos also sorta my friend but i dont hang out with her) is a furry and really open about it and i jokingly make fun of her but secretly im like "me too fam". it's worse because my friends know and have watched me draw furries and have called me one but i keep denying it
9 Apr 2018, 12:52 am
the moment i realized i was a furry was around grade school when i was watching my bro play spyro games and i was just thinking to myself "i love that purple dragon dude spyro so much. i wanna marry him."

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9 Apr 2018, 12:53 am
hi im captain and im still in denial of being furry

my friends girlfriend (whos also sorta my friend but i dont hang out with her) is a furry and really open about it and i jokingly make fun of her but secretly im like "me too fam". it's worse because my friends know and have watched me draw furries and have called me one but i keep denying it

I had someone walk up to me once, inform me I would make a good furry, and walk away. I of course laughed it off and told me friends, nooo, I'm not a furry as I quickly stashed my drawings of anthro foxes underneath my other papers

9 Apr 2018, 2:46 am
lol it all started with drawing anthro wild arms monsters and just snowballed downhill from there into being kin with an alien who looks like a human with claws oops

9 Apr 2018, 3:00 am (Edited 9 Apr 2018, 3:00 am)
I always loved costumes and as a kid I'd wear this dinosaur costume a lot. XD I'd fish it out of the Halloween storage bag and get in trouble, but eventually I was just allowed to play with it. Ended up getting wreaked because of a sticker bush. XD so I'd say probably way back then. I didn't know there was a name for it then though.
My fursona now is a bird and has several forms, like a blue/white form, and a 1920s rubber hose cartoon form. I'm favoring the cartoon form. I'm unlikely to get a suit of it any time soon, and not likely to make it soon either. XD all my crafting projects end up shelved cause I get sick a lot.
9 Apr 2018, 3:09 am
Two words;

Robin Hood

I think I was like 5 when I first saw it?
I was hella obsessed..

But it wasn't until I was around 9 years old when I was like
"Oh shit"