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hello! sae here!

18 Jul 2018, 10:40 pm


hey all! my name's sae but most people refer to me as apollo!
my pronouns are they/them and im super happy to help all of you!!

to tell a little about myself, i love dinosaurs and reptiles a whole lot and i own three lizards myself! i also love to play dnd, draw, cook, and nap
i also really love ace attorney, mystic messenger, pokemon, and different musicals!! i would love to list out all my interests but that would take up too much haha

if you have any general questions about furvilla, feel free to shoot me a pm! i check furvilla fairly often so ill be around to help as much as possible. my strong suits include helping out new users get started, general questions one might have, and i also have some career and paintie knowledge!
for things i may not have answers for myself, ill be more than happy to point you towards the right guide or helper team member!

also please keep in mind that im just here to help out the community and i cannot help if you have issues with another user, thread, bug, etc! for things of that nature, please send a report so a mod can assist you!

all that being said, i look forward to working with the other helpers to help you all out!

have a question about the site? shoot me a PM and ill be happy to help!
18 Jul 2018, 10:48 pm (Edited 18 Jul 2018, 10:48 pm)
Congratulations! I look forwards to seeing how you progress and help out this community! Best of luck to you, Sae!
7 Nov 2019, 8:21 am
congrats sae!!!!! also your art is adorable
icon by lunarlicorice !!!