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Dueling Club: Warrior guidance & PVP

18 Oct 2018, 11:33 pm (Edited 13 Jan 2019, 12:19 am)
Greetings fellow warriors!

Welcome to The Dueling Club!

We will attempt here, to create a place where players of all skill levels and timezones can come together to find others of their kind to battle in combat and find a fun new challenge where everyone involved benefits!
The focus is on fun Player Versus Player combat and learning more to strengthen our fighters to better defend our towns from invaders. The hope being that by working to strengthen ourselves against each other we can better combat the challenges that face us back in our home villages!

The Benefit
  • We can all make more effective use of the 5000 potential VP locked behind pvp battles!

  • Improve your warrior to gain access to higher level battlegrounds!

  • Players learn to adapt to any opponent and new battlegrounds that may spring up in the future!

  • Make new friends and grow closer to your fellow warriors!

  • Players gain efficiency and speed for gathering high level materials and in doing so gain access to more that furvilla has to offer

  • This creates a larger playerbase of high level warriors to combat the Horrible RNG we all suffer from. The more players that can find those rare items, the more that will be available on the market! No more empty stall searches!

The Catch...
  • This requires participants! WE NEED YOU! If you are interested in adding your warrior to the list of participants and growing the club please Look below in Club Etiquette to find out how to join! You will be added to the groundwork as I build this forum haven and be added to the list of players that support this concept

  • Honor system: Dont pick on lower level players when they are clearly trying to have fun and learn with each other. If you must fight (sometimes we cant control ourselves i know) Re equip yourself to pose a challenge to those in queue while still leaving it open to the possibility of defeat. Victory is sweet but we learn the most from the fights we lose.

  • There is only one queue... We must learn to share and be patient for everyone to benefit from the potential we have here. Any problems we encounter can be discussed and overcome through cooperation.


Warrior Basics


Warrior Tiers

Current Events/Builds

Members List

Time Table of active Warriors

Warrior Resources

Club Goals

Club Etiquette

Have an idea you want to see included? Message me and i will work it into the framework for everyone to benefit!

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18 Oct 2018, 11:35 pm (Edited 20 Oct 2018, 1:47 pm)
Warrior Basics: Lets get started!

Above is an example of all the damage types as they look when viewing the attack on your weapon.
The values before the damage "type" is what is referred to as a "base" damage value. and is what is affected by the potency % of your equipment

The ability points and what they mean...

Agility: Overview: Agility influences Physical damage values and Dodge chance.

For every 1 point in your Agility, You gain 5% increase to the base physical damage values you deal.

For every 1 point in your Agility you also gain 1% chance to dodge physical attacks.

Agility can sometimes affect who goes first in battle (see Speed)

Strength: Overview: Strength increases the Physical damage you deal.

For every 1 point in your Strength you gain 10% increase to the base physical damage values you deal.

Speed: Overview: Speed affects who goes first in combat.

The player with the higher speed value will strike first in combat

When tied for speed the player with the highest Agility moves first.

Speed is important to consider when planning your next move

Intelligence: Overview: Intelligence increases the Elemental damage values you deal and how potent your healing values are.

For every 1 point in your Intelligence you gain 10% increase to the base Elemental damage values you deal

For every 1 point in your Intelligence you gain 10% increase to the base values you heal from items/effects that heal you.

Elemental damage is any base damage labeled with: Fire, Lightning, Frost, Dark

Endurance: Overview: Endurance increases your overall health pool or "HP".

For Every 1 point in Endurance you increase your Warrior's HP by 100

Resistances: What do they do and why do I need them?

Resistances reduce the Elemental Damage your Warrior takes in combat.

For every 1 point in an elemental resistance type, You reduce the corresponding elemental damage by 1 point, to a minimum of 0 damage .

1000 Fire resist reduces a Fire damage based attack by 1000 points

Mitigation: What does it do and why do I need it?

Mitigation reduces the Physical damage your warrior takes in combat.

For every 1 point in Mitigation you reduce physical damage you take by 1 Point, to a minimum of 1 damage.

Armor type: What is it and what difference does it make?

Armor type falls into three categories or "Armor Classes": Light, Medium, and Heavy. Your armor class changes how some weapons affect you.

Some weapons deal increased damage to certain armor types. For example, Most hammer style weapons deal increased damage to "Heavy" armor type.


How can I Heal so i can fight more often
In many battlegrounds an item called Chocolate Candycorn 1894-chocolate-candycorn.png Drops. This item when used on your warrior will heal them outside of combat.

Some items like Health Potions and Mini Health potions can be used in conjunction with items to heal you during a fight. (see tactics for more on healing)

How do I gain more combat charges?
Charges refresh 1 charge every 5 minutes up to a maximum of 20

Furvilla's Costumes provide buffs to the villagers they are equipped to. Some costumes increase the charge limit to 25 when equipped to a villager with the Warrior career. Those costumes are: Diver, Angelic, Warrior, Royal, and Beast.

Skill vs Spell: What's the difference?

Skills often represent physical abilities and are disabled when you become "disarmed" but are unaffected when you are "silenced"

Conversely, Spells often represent magical abilities and are disabled when you become "silenced" but are still usable when you are "disarmed"

Some Item effects will stop Skills from being used but not Spells and vice versa. More on this in the tactics section.

Basic Item effects List:

Many item effects exist and do some very useful things that can change how you should react in battle. The current effects active on either player are listed under that player/monster's portrait. If you hover over the icon most effects will tell you what they do. There is some terminology involved and I will list some of the more basic effects as they are often used in the description of other effects.

  • Regenerate: Heal for a small amount each turn
  • Disarm: Prevent Player from using Skills
  • Silence: Prevent player from using Spells
  • Purge: Remove all status effects affecting player(Does not distinguish between negative and beneficial effects!l)
  • Block: Reduce damage taken by 90% for two rounds.
  • Sunder: Reduce the effectiveness of player's mitigation by a % ( Between 20 and 100%)
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18 Oct 2018, 11:38 pm (Edited 20 Oct 2018, 2:11 pm)
Tactics: How did you beat me and how can I avoid that next time?

What are these "builds" everyone keeps asking about?

A "build" generally refers to the overall set of items equipped to a warrior and when a player asks for a build, what they want is usually a screenshot or comprehensive list of the equipment your warrior is currently using. Because many items use similar item art, it is helpful when posting screenshots of your build to include the names of items in a description so people can distinguish which items you are using easier.

Something to consider... Many players like to keep their build's a secret, especially in pvp. Why is that? Well, Something you will find out is that no matter what item a player has there is usually some other item or set of effects that can render that item effectively useless or severely mitigated. This is referred to as a "counter" to a build or item. So while many players are happy to share what they use don't be offended if a player chooses not to share their PVP build. Foreknowledge can mean the difference between victory and defeat!

Tactics: the basics and general advice.

How can I hit harder?
Focus.. Focus is key... What i mean by that is this. When you are choosing what armor, utilities, rings and weapons to equip, make sure that all your items focus on a type of damage. Either Physical or Elemental. There is a lot of variety within those damage types but because most high end equipment focuses on boosting one but not the other it is important to be sure your equipment benefits the weapons you are using. Choosing to use items that boost Intelligence and using those items in every slot, then using a weapon with high base elemental damages will really put the extra *sizzle* in that fire staff.

Speed: Why you should care about how fast you are

Speed is very important in a fight. It determines who gets to react to what the other player does and who gets to guess what the other player will do next.

When you are faster than your opponent you can react to what they do and plan accordingly. If a player has not prepared a block already, you can be sure that you will have the speed to land a strike before they have a chance to raise that shield. If your opponent prepares a hidden effect you can choose to pass your turn to avoid running into a trap and taking damage you could avoid.

If you are slower than your opponent you have to plan ahead.. Focus on preparation and winning the long fight. Make use of the time you can give yourself after blocking to land a strike while knowing you are safe from harm or healing during that time to recover from their initial strike before you could block. If you alternate between blocking and striking you can get some cheeky damage in.

There is a lot of nuance, in pvp matches especially, that comes about when you play a slow or speedy character. Pay attention to your opponents battle styles and plan accordingly.

Know your enemy!

Click on the portrait of whomever you are battling be it another player or any monster in any battleground. When you do you will get a pop up that shows that creature/player's stats. You will see what they are resistant to. What their combat stats favor, be it physical damage with high strength and agility or elemental damage with high intelligence. And it can often give you insight into what they are weak to. When encountering new opponents it doesnt always look good on the outset but you can look and plan ahead for the next battle even if you know you are in a losing fight now.

Resistances are especially important to pay attention to when you are playing a build with high intelligence that relies on specific elements. You dont want to hit a storm dragon with a lightning staff only to watch that dragon chuckle at you. You want to freeze the smirk off that dragon's face with a frost volley to the gullet!

Agility and Mitigation are important to watch out for when you are aiming for high physical damage builds. You want to chill targets with high agility so they do not dodge your attacks when you need them most. And opponents with high mitigation are brought low with item effects that "sunder" your opponent's armor

Know yourself

Know what types of damage you can deal when you go into battle. Remember what elements you are weak to and be aware of how many blocks you have left. Finding yourself without defense against a foe that knows the gap in your defenses can be a surefire way to a quick end.

Be unpredictable!

Especially when starting out, it can make all the difference to catch your opponent off guard. Fight a few times with hidden freeze.. When your opponent is wise to you readying a hidden effect and passing turns so as not to trigger your effect, switch it up! employ hidden berserk and when they pass turn Show them what for with a Boosted damage Frost volley or Earth barrage to the face through their crossed arms!

Change your build and try new things. This is reliant on having a supply of equipment on the sidelines but it can make for a lot of really entertaining fights and really put you ahead and leave your opponent second guessing themselves next time they think they've got you figured out!

Help! I'm Running out of Chocolate Candycorn!
Starting every fight with Full HP is essential in a lot of the more difficult battlegrounds. Every HP counts! I cant count the number of times I've thought "Oh its only 200 points below maximum" and gotten killed with the death blow being JUST over my hp. I was sure missing those 200 points then. And of course THAT fight is the one Vali would have dropped his hammer... We all know it!

There are several ways to mitigate the use of Chocolate Candycorn between fights. The Most basic one is to have a heal or grand heal amulet and use it towards the end of your fights. If you know you will win next time you hit, Heal first and end the battle with full HP. Then you dont have to use candycorn and can save it for that unicorn lance down the line......

Another way to mitigate the use of candycorn is to incorporate more passive forms of regeneration. The most basic form is the Wand of Regeneration2033-wand-of-regeneration.png. It can be used infinite times in battle to reapply its effect and the effect lasts the whole fight unless purged. If your build doesnt really have room for a wand consider applying a Weapon Crystal: Light 2150-weapon-crystal-light.png to a weapon already in your build. It may not seem like a large heal but it stacks up throughout the fight and more often than not you will notice yourself using less and less candycorn after fights. And blocks become a way to regain HP instead of just mitigating damage.

Have Negative Intelligence? Want heal good too? Try Armored Alicorn 3536-armored-alicorn.png The 400 health the alicorn heals is not affected by intelligence!

Even in builds with little or even Negative Intelligence that miniscule amount of HP each turn really makes the difference. If your weapons dont have sockets, Go do NPC-Traveler for an upgrade and put just the one socket for that light crystal. You wont regret it!
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18 Oct 2018, 11:40 pm (Edited 13 Jan 2019, 12:14 am)
Warrior Tiers:
Where you should rank yourself to get the most fun out of your fights!

  • A warrior's "tier" in this club refers to the level of equipment that player has access to and as a result, the level of stats and damage values that player can reach.

  • It is important to note that you should consider yourself a member of your highest achievable tier AND every tier below that. Remember you can still equip your old gear to challenge lower tier players and have more fun gaining your VP!

Legendary tier:

Players of the Legendary tier have acquired items of the Legendary status such as the Divine Kitsune Armour, the Unicorn Lance, Traveler's Amulet, and Qurious Blade This is the highest achievable tier currently and can see damage values and HP values over 10k Expect quick fights and fights that swing wildly one way or another!

Crystal tier:

Players of the Crystal tier have access to equipment with sockets filled to the brim with crystals crafted to boost stats and damage values. Expect players of this tier to have higher stat values than you would expect and many of the holes in their defenses patched.

High Event tier:

Players of the High event tier are those who have scoured furvilla for the majority of Event battlegrounds drops and have access to the rarer event items such as Legend's Armour, Vali's Golden Hammer and Faeli's Cursed Amulet. Expect players here to have a large backlog of equipment to play with and come out with a new effective build on the fly!

Low Event tier:

Players of the Low event tier have access to some event items, but are still gathering their hoard and have less to work with when switching builds. Expect to encounter some versatility and build changes but be comfortable with battling people who have less to work with.

Gold tier:

Players of the Gold tier have access to any equipment in Deadly Monsers/The Abyss and other battlegrounds that are permanent fixtures year round. Expect builds to have less variation but still be strong.

Silver tier:

Players of the Silver tier are working with a limited inventory and the majority of their equipment is 'silver' quality with the occasional Deadly monsters drop or special weapon. Players just getting up in levels can be expected to be about here after learning the ropes and dipping their toes into Deadly monsters. Expect fighters in this tier to be branching out and gaining their confidence!

Iron tier:

Players of the Iron tier are typically below level 15 and dont have access to all the equipment out there. There is still no time too soon to start enjoying the benefits of PVP! Expect fighters to still be learning. Finding the right partner may be more about who you fight with as they will likely have just the one weapon/armor set to be working with.

Wood tier:

Players in the Wood tier are typically below level 10 or have no access to certain item slots and are just starting out. Everyone had to start here so help them learn all the things you wish you knew back then! Players in this tier will need to remember that because of how the queue works you may need to specifically duel other players in this tier. The queue will not match players below a certain level with the general population.

Can i challenge someone of a tier above me?

Absolutely! Be aware however that some players may not be able to or not want to re equip lower tier gear to make for a more even fight. Let someone know when challenging them if you want to fight on even grounds or if you want to challenge them at their best to see how you've improved. Never forget that defeat can be a great teacher! I learned all i know from getting pounded into the ground in new and unexpectedly painful ways!

Can i challenge someone of a tier below me?
Most Certainly! But remember. The goal is not only to gain more valor points but to have fun doing it so that players are more likely to battle more often. When challenging below your tier it is courteous to change your equipment to better suit your opponent but still pose a challenge. You may lose a fight or two but it will help that player learn and be encouraged to keep fighting!
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18 Oct 2018, 11:44 pm (Edited 9 Oct 2019, 4:04 pm)
Current Events!
Event Battlegrounds that are active and builds that have proven effective against them!

Current event builds on hold.

Deadlier Monsters Build


Fairly essential: Allure's Flames. Grand hood or better, Wizards Robes or better. Gold greatshield,

Interchangeable: I use the new spectral scythe because it has good dark damage AND poisons. If i get a good hit and poison them i will peaches poison for more dark damage. I run the wood ring for passive heals to keep me from using too much candycorn. I also run a fairly weak cursed hammer for some variability in damage type when i come up against those resistant to dark damage. This build works well against the majority of the enemies. Sometimes loses to the ancient pyre or tempest depending on how agressive their stats and attacks are.

Shield scythe until it is dead. Peaches poison when you proc poison on the scythe and thats about it. Fights end quickly so be careful. Be sure to block first and feel out opponents.


Essential: 300+ base physical damage weapon.(I used gold bardiche here but you can use obsidian Greatsword or a high potency tiger blade) 2 stat boosters ( i use crossbones dagger here but you can use Emmas iron greatsword, Risktakers sword, trained falcon, vampire bat baddle buddy.)

Interchangeable: You can go with Gold tower shield, gold greatshield, Personally i like going pure damage for efficiency with something like a flawless steel buckler. Rings you can go for obsidian ring or malachite ring. Opal ring works ok too but steer clear of risktakers for opal or you lose a lot of health on that heal with -int Trinkets can b elaborate plate helm or kylas for the best effect. avoid kylas if you go for opal ring for the same reason as before. Armor is best as light leather armor or pumpkin plate. You will have to flee from the pyre because of 3000+ mitigation but such is life. You need some serious upgrades to plow through that much mitigation (though it is possible)

General Deadly Monsters/Abyss builds

A Low budget build that works provided by the ever helpful MsJanny

Hello! I'm not part of the club 'cause I don't know how to join, but I thought this experiment of mine might be pertinent ... plus I'd like the input of anyone reading this. 

So, here's the absolute cheapest Deadly Monsters build I can put together, but I'd love to know if I can make it cheaper yet still viable.


  • Galaxy Phoenix
  • Dragon Blade - use against the Storm Dragon
  • Fox Blade - use against the Gulper
  • Intricate Hood
  • Frost Volley Amulet - use against the Ancient Pyre
  • Opal Ring
  • Wizard Robes
  • Frozen Bone Shield
Totals to 48300FC.

I tried switching out the Wizard Robes for Scholarly Robes, but unfortunately, the Gulper went from doing 0 damage with Frost Volley to killing me instantly. D:
All prices based off current stall prices; all items at 100% except the shield which is 103%.

Realistically, I'd probably advise anyone considering using this build to use a grand hood as it's only 7kFC more, and there aren't really any more upgrades beyond that...


Tested with 100% potency items as a base. Works well in both Deadly Monsters and the Abyss. Requires a bit of candycorn to sustain but fairly sturdy.

Armor is Light Leather armor and That is the Trained Falcon battle buddy.

Can replace Gold Bardiche with high potency Tiger blade and the falcon and risktaker sword can also be substituted with Emma's iron Warhammers, Dane Axe, Crossbones Daggers, Anything with good strength/agility base stats.

Shield is better when it is Flawless steel Buckler but i thought the tower shield was more accessible and therefore a better base for a build. Lots of room to still improve here but it'll get the job done.
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18 Oct 2018, 11:45 pm (Edited 24 Sep 2019, 12:29 am)
The Master List!
All Current club members and their self proclaimed Tiers.

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18 Oct 2018, 11:47 pm (Edited 22 Oct 2018, 11:12 pm)
Time Table:
When you can expect warriors to be available.

[list]The timetable is when these warriors are "most likely" online but as life can tend to be well.. life do understand if the are busy at the time and this is taken to be a rough estimation. Times are based off FV time as a standard

Some Users are available outside the timetable as well because schedules can be chaotic and times can be limited. if you are interested in dueling with these players, It is best to contact them directly to see when they might be available. Namely: Drake Valos, Mosaic, Lance, King of Fools, Japhet, Noll, Baelfin, Wizardess, Kiglas, Wil, Shadow

The FULL editable timetable can be found Here!
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18 Oct 2018, 11:49 pm (Edited 13 Jan 2019, 12:17 am)
Warrior resources:
User created knowledge bases that have proven invaluable in learning more about the warrior career and making your life easier!

Lance-C-Bones Created a comprehensive spreadsheet of all the items and their stats and effects hidden or otherwise which you can find Here! A great resource to find out if there is some armor or weapon that has higher base stats you should be searching for. it can be hard to tell what is out there and lance has done an excellent job of bringing it all together!

noll Created a great guide to each battlegrounds and what drops have been reported there. A great resource if you are looking to pick up a specific item and are not sure where to look! Check it out Here

Lucid Began The General Warrior Career discussion thread which is a wealth of information and lots of prominent warriors are subscribed here and often give advice and chat about the career Here!

NoctisEternal Began the "Anyone want a duel?" thread which many a warrior uses to advertise they are currenly looking for a fight. A great way to get in random battles and maybe draw in new players to pvp! You can find it Here

NPC-Traveler has a thread up where you can ask for upgrades to equipment (for a price) and it is a great way to sink large amounts of FC away to really put the shine on your favorite equipment pieces. He upgrades Potency % and can add sockets with little limitations. Check it out Here!

Crunchypuff put together a list of items that are affordable but still essential. Lots of the items on this are excellent and useful While still not breaking the bank! Check it out here

@blakes Created a list of the items separated by tier to make it easier to know which weapons and armor fall in which tier so we can all familiarize ourselves with what those tiers have to work with. If you want to battle with some lower level players but still experience a challenge, take a look here
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18 Oct 2018, 11:52 pm (Edited 19 Oct 2018, 4:59 am)
Club Goals!

  1. Advertise and gather more participants.
  2. Find a way to make the timetable smaller...
  3. Get better at making this thing look good...
  4. Expand an ever growing knowledgebase from the basics such as what each stat does to the more advanced topics like tactics and how to better hone a build and improve yourself

  5. Become a beacon that draws players together and creates a community of Warriors interested in challenging themselves and others for the benefit of all.

  6. Make PVP less of a chore and more of a fun interaction between villagers that everyone can enjoy.
  7. Git Good
  8. Dont die.
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18 Oct 2018, 11:56 pm (Edited 30 Apr 2019, 1:50 am)
Club Etiquette!

How do I Join?
Fill out this simple form and ill put you on the master list!

Dueling Warrior:
Self Proclaimed Tier: (can be altered as you learn and grow)
Would you like to be added to the pinglist for future events:

You can also add your availability to the Time Table to let other warriors know when you are open to duel!

What is expected of me?
Not so much as you think. There is nothing required, but some things are encouraged. Be courteous to your fellow club members. Help people where you feel comfortable offering help. Be understanding of other's needs as you progress. Have fun, and encourage others to do the same.

Understand that by joining you express an interest in being asked to duel through pings either here or in the "Anybody want a Duel" thread

Let others know about us and be proud to be a member!
Post your tiers when searching for duels to encourage players of the same level to jump in the queue. If you know someone who you think would enjoy this or benefit from the knowledge gathered here feel free to link them here!
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19 Oct 2018, 4:49 am (Edited 1 Jul 2019, 1:38 am)
Club Pinglist for User Generated PVP content

Steampunk_Llama , anne216 , Shadowfox , Galaxywolf269 , StrayChowChow , PrayingMantis , Dr4g0nM4st3r , Baelfin , VoidDancer , Davin , Hyperbole , FloWolF , Dara , fantatara

Current Pinglist for events
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19 Oct 2018, 6:25 am
This sounds like a really neat idea! I like the idea of splitting things up into tiers so people can have a more even matchup.

Dueling Warrior: Hamlet
Time frame available: Pretty much all the time except 10pm to 8 am
Self Proclaimed Teir : crystal I think? The only legendary thing i have is the kitsune armor but I don't think I've ever used it in pvp.
19 Oct 2018, 7:21 am
Dueling Warrior: Kiglas
Time frame available: Sunday - Saturday 10Am This can be changed later, right? Just in case I have to change it for some reason
Self Proclaimed Teir: I do have Crystals and stuff but what I lack is mostly sockets, I also dont have the super duper rare event stuff like Valis Hammer but I do have other stuff so High Event Tier? Id believe?
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SfCU3W3.pngCarrot / She/Them / 25SfCU3W3.png

19 Oct 2018, 7:48 am
Dueling Warrior: Lance, King of Fools
Time frame available: yes, this is dog 8| .... I never really know when I'm actually available; but it's usually week nights from 5pm to about 11pm FV time. Can be found on randomly during the day some times if I get free time while at work. Also around some times on weekends within the same time frames. If someone wants/needs something of me, probably best to poke me via ping, PM, or on Discord; I'm in the official group~!
Self Proclaimed Tier: Smarty pants, because I know things! 8D .... You meant of the tiers you made?.... oh..... Than probably High event tier, as while I do have some legendary equips and have been working on crystals, my most prominent "trait" would be that I work hard to get every dumb little thing ever released ever.... It's my hobby 8|

First rule about dueling club.... Talk about dueling club with others because we want more members.... xD But yes; I do see this as a good and fun idea. I don't expect many pings unless they're from you, Noiro, or others in those first listed three tiers.... but still throwing my name in to assist in any ways that I can! If someone wants me to run a particular kind of build to test something, let me know in advance and I can probably throw something together! I usually try and keep one 100% unmodified version, and some kind of boosted/crystaled version of every piece of equipment I can get my paws on. So basically two of everything...... I created my own collecting hell
My green name means I'm a helper! What's a helper? Someone that wishes to help others out with knowledge about Furvilla! My favorite subject and where I have the most knowledge is with the warrior career! We are not staff members. If you need help with something, whether it be a bug or something greater, file a report or contact a moderator/admin
19 Oct 2018, 8:30 am (Edited 19 Oct 2018, 12:49 pm)
Dueling Warrior: Lazarus Okhotnik
Time frame available: Oh dear, I'm unsure! Usually on Mondays-Fridays at 8 am - 4 pm, but don't expect me to be online that much during those times. Tho 4 pm - 12 am are times I'd probably be the most active all week!
Self Proclaimed Teir: I'm unsure, maybe Low or High Event Tier? IDK, I'm always changing up my build.
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19 Oct 2018, 12:27 pm (Edited 19 Oct 2018, 12:29 pm)
Dueling Warrior: Japhet
Time frame available: Variable, usually pingable on Discord via the Official FV Discord Server
Self Proclaimed Teir : Lol I have no tier, I just kinda lose alot If you need someone to beat up to get your min 10 battles, ask and if i'm available you can punch me into the ground.
Former AnonFairy Existentialism (I was until people started making and releasing villagers with bad CSS... Ruin my fun why don't ya'll)
19 Oct 2018, 12:32 pm
This is actually a pretty awesome thing to set up! I'm kind of on the fence about joining though, as essentially being in the legendary tier, it's no fun to fight me. I don't know about all of what sorts of builds work in lower tiers, etc, so i tend to just get in my ten and be done with it every two weeks.

Really nice framework though, and all this beautiful thread setup. If I *can* be of any help, however, I love helping others, and getting help as well, when new battlegrounds come out or when old ones crop up again, figuring out the most effective builds and such. It'll be nice seeing more people join in on this though.
19 Oct 2018, 12:43 pm (Edited 19 Oct 2018, 12:46 pm)
Dueling Warrior: Valravn
Time frame available: Freetime is 11:00AM–11:45AM Mon~Fri and 1:25PM–2:25PM; ~6:45PM–10:00PM Wed~Fri; 7:00PM–10:00PM Sat; 3:00PM–10:00PM Sun. I may be busy (or gaming), but I'll do my best to get on.
Self Proclaimed Tier: Gold Tier to Low Event Tier
19 Oct 2018, 2:25 pm
Taki_Wolf Crunchypuff CarrotCube Lance-C-Bones Blakes Varinis

Thank you all for joining! I have added you to the master list, And will work on getting you all into the timetable next. For your information, The teirs and timetables are flexible and based on what you are most comfortable with. When choosing teirs for those who had two i went with the lower ones.

You can always fight between teirs as well but it should give players a better idea of what they are in for. If you find you may have under or overestimated your teir just let me know and i can update it for you!

Drake_Valos Oh i totally understand, It is also no small task to try and find something that works amongst old weapons and armor so if you dont want to be switching stuff around you will always pose a great challenge. But some people do enjoy poking at strong players. At the very least fights are quick and the vp is 5 times that of PVE and the one losing is given the opportnity to learn and see how far they have to come. It is a big part of what kicked off my interest in PVP. I used to fight and LOSE horribly with Lucid for ages. I think until this years tourney they were still well above me. It was only after some serious cash sunk into the traveler that i was finally able to beat them consistently.
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19 Oct 2018, 2:41 pm
Well, worst I can do is join but not fight, and can usually offer advice on PvE builds for battlegrounds. PvE is actually the reason my warriors are as strong as they are now, anyway...

Dueling Warrior: Drake Valos
Time frame available: Random, and rare..
Self Proclaimed Teir : Legendary Tier
19 Oct 2018, 3:14 pm
Drake_Valos I added you onto the master list. And created a place above the timetable that lists users who's availability is scarce or random. I have it listed as available to contact should users be interested in fighting with you specifically. If that is something you aren't comfortable with just let me know and ill pull you from that spot there.

Otherwise its still great to have you for support and when new event battlegrounds come out and everyone is asking for build advice we can have a place here to send them.
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19 Oct 2018, 3:35 pm
I'm putting together a little list of good/relatively cheap equipment for people getting into warrior stuff if anyone wants to look at it and suggest improvements:

19 Oct 2018, 3:43 pm (Edited 19 Oct 2018, 3:43 pm)
Crunchypuff I think that is an excellent idea. A good place for people to look at budget items that still make a huge difference. I can say I still use Kyla's trinket even through legendary teir. It scales so we'll! I can use it to one shot the bats in the stormy peaks battlegrounds. For armor I'd definitely say the light leather armor for physical builds. I'll include it in the warrior resources section once I'm back home and off mobile.
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20 Oct 2018, 8:42 am
should do a fight night with the equip limits of level 5 and under. Get people battling it out with wooden swords and heal amulets haha
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20 Oct 2018, 8:53 am
noiro18 for the timetable compressing, maybe combine all the weekdays and then have a separate one for the weekend

list of people without scheduled fv time

1-5am ...
6-10am ...
11-2pm ...
3-6pm ...
7-10pm ...
10-12am ...


alternatively, you could maybe set up a google (excel) sheet where people can add their times and have an online/offline overview
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