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Moderators & Staff

Moderators & Staff Guide

What do MODs do on site? What is their function? Who are the MODs? Who are the site staff? What does each MOD do? This is a guide to address these common questions!

MODs are on site to help users, enforce rules, and make sure the user's voices are heard. MODs are NOT coders, programmers, server maintenance, game designers, rule writers, or paid Furvilla employees. MODs are volunteer community members who have passion for the site and want to make sure Furvilla is the BEST experience it can be for users on site. They cannot add site features, change game design, make the site rules, or change anything about the site or game, but they can help relay information about these things!!! We are not permitted to "play" on our accounts so as a result comments, friends requests, villagers, etc. are disabled on our accounts. We help out in the forums, chatrooms, with reports, and anything else we can! When we are working, we are in communication with the other MODs and talk to them about decisions we make. Some mods specialize more in some things more than others and as a result you will see them more active in one section of the site more than others like the chat, forums, reports, or even specialized types of reports. (ie. CSS, forums, behavioral issues, etc.)

The current Admins, and what they do is as follows:

Admin-Mat: Head Community Manager. The Admin of MODS. MOD-BOSS. Active in the forums, responds to the [email protected] e-mails, and manages the MOD team! They also do administrative site work that deals with helping users and community. Also the Paintie Admin! Deals with the queue and [email protected] emails. Other duties include handling Idea Development and Suggestion emails as well as wrangling all our wonderful interactive NPCs.

Admin-Wisteria: Primarily works Idea Development with Admin-Mat as well as Feature Implementation and Testing. Purveyor of Battleground mini events! Can be seen around the forums quite a bit as well.

The current MODs, and what they do is as follows:

The Senior MODs:

MOD-Cari: Normal MOD functions. Helps a lot with the chat room and forums. Also handles any questions regarding Off Site trading. Idea Dev. Team
MOD-Kaleo: Normal MOD functions and Knowledge Base updates. Idea Dev. Team
MOD-Saryumane: Normal MOD functions. Helps a lot with the chat room and forums. Head Mod for Fur Idol.
MOD-Anarion: Normal MOD functions.
MOD-Piko: Normal MOD functions. Helps with CSS
MOD-Skulldiggery: Normal MOD functions and manages official Paintie Check thread. And on the Idea Dev. Team
MOD-Thaleia: Normal MOD functions. Helps a lot with the chat room. Idea Dev. Team
MOD-Shroomy: Normal MOD functions, custom item artist.
MOD-Tempest: Normal MOD functions, Warrior career helper.
MOD-Pseudonym: Normal MOD functions, event and lore guest writer.

Other Staff Accounts:

AdminAssistant: Enhanced MOD functions, account is currently manned by MOD-Cari, MOD-Kaleo, and MOD-Thaleia
Xyumika: is the awesome programmer/coder for the site!
Kiwiggle: is the site Character Aritst! She drew all the villagers, paintie bases, and NPC's on site.
FurVilla Staff: is a shared account that is usually a group of MODs making a decision or possibly an Admin, and occasionally the programmer. It's also occasionally a bot that helps out on site to send information to users.