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October 2017 Writing Contest: Pumpkin Offerings

Pumpkin Offerings
By Ikewolfe #77815

Sarah grunted as she heaved the last pumpkin into the cart. Dusting off her paws, the tuxedo rabbit stepped back and admired the literal fruits of her labor. Spread out across several carts in the field were a hundred freshly grown pumpkins. She grabbed the first of them and began hauling it off to the alchemy lab, thankful that it wasn't too far away.

When she arrived, she set down the pumpkins and tapped the large, wooden door. It slowly creaked open, revealing a room shrouded in darkness. Sighing, she stepped inside and squinted, trying to see if the alchemist was anywhere within. "Hello? Mischief? Are you in here?" The door suddenly slammed shut, leaving everything pitch black. "H-hey, c'mon now, th-this isn't funny."

"Trespasser," a voice hissed directly in her ear.

She shrieked and jumped back, stumbling and reaching for something to hold on to. She managed to snag a thick curtain and yanked it to the ground with her, allowing sunlight to stream into the room and reveal a laughing tuxedo cat.

"Hahaha! Wow, you should've seen your face!"

"That wasn't nice," she mumbled, her face flush with anger and embarrassment.

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry." He helped her up to her feet and brushed off her fur. He looked over at the pumpkins just visible outside the window. "So, are those the latest sacrifices?"

"Ugh, I don't get why you keep calling them that." They went outside and unloaded the cart, carrying the pumpkins into the lab one by one. "It's not like we're performing a dark ritual or anything."

"Are you sure? Because it seems like we're scooping the guts out of these little pumpkins to feed and empower a bigger pumpkin for a reward." He set the last pumpkin on his table with a soft thud. "I'm just saying."

"Whatever makes you happy. Did you finish making the fertilizer?"

"You mean our offering?" He sighed at the unamused look she gave him. "Yes, yes, it's in the back."

Together, they loaded up the cart. Sarah frowned when she noticed it was emptier than it should've been. "Didn't I give you enough pumpkins for more fertilizer? Please tell me you haven't actually been trying to create a monster with them."

"No no, of course not. I just need the guts for a little side project of my own. Don't worry; everyone's going to love it!"

The two made their way back over to the field. The first thing Mischief did when they arrived was race over to the large pumpkin in the center. He got down on his knees and bowed before the round orange fruit. "Oh great pumpkin spirit, we come bearing the innards of your inferior brethren and hope that it pleases you. Please accept our humble offering and grant us a peaceful harvest. And please don't eat us in our sleep tonight."

The rabbit rolled her eyes at the prostrate form of the cat. "Are you done?"

"Yes!" he said, bounding up. "We should be safe from the pumpkin takeover for another day!" Cackling, he grabbed one of the other carts of pumpkins and raced back to the lab with it.

Sarah shook her head and got to work spreading the fertilizer around the big pumpkin. Already she could see it getting a little bigger. A small smile crossed her lips. Their resident alchemist was probably more than a little mad, but he sure was good at his job.