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Winter 2017 Writing Contest: Untitled

By: Yeehaw

This creature did not look like anything they were expecting. To give them credit, they wore the renowned red and white number he was said to wear, complete with a long drooping hat. The rest of their appearance did not look so festive. Two sharp horns protruded from their head, as well as a pair of long, rabbit like ears. Their face was set in what seemed to be a permanent scowl, an unusual amount of eyes placed symmetrically on their sunken features. Sharp yellow teeth hid behind their grimace. A lithe red tail sprouted from behind their costume, trailing down to polished cloven hooves.

After this supposed 'Santa' had tumbled down the old chimney, taking with them an abundance of dust and crumbled brick, they had landed in an unsightly heap in the fireplace. A large, equally as dusty bag came down shortly after, pulling a string of curses from the thing as it fell upon on their head. They felt around for the bag, picking it up before heaving it onto their shoulder with apparent great difficulty, as if it weighed no less than a small elephant. Their face seemed to drop as they realised they had stumbled into a room that was in use.

The group had been waiting specifically for the arrival of Saint Nick, though had been thoroughly disappointed until this point. Jiji, a large cat creature, had been eagerly awaiting his arrival, hoping it would bring some much needed festive spirit. Loralei, on the other hand, had taken to eating the display of treats they had left out for the jolly old fellow, who had apparently almost forgotten about visiting entirely. The couple in the room, Sam and Taa, just seemed to be enjoying each other's company in peace - or at least, until the beast decided they needed their chimney redecorated. They all stared, mouths agape, urging someone to break the heavy silence that had begun to loom over the room.

"Jeez, didn't anyone tell you that Santa knows when you're awake?" The thing commented, inviting themselves into the room before dropping the bag with a 'thud'. The neatly tied red ribbon that had fastened it shut was ripped away without a care, thrown over their shoulder to be discarded. Taa, the opossum, was first to speak up. Getting up from the sofa they had been sat on, he sauntered over to the figure in the living room. "Would you mind telling us all why the hell you're in our livin' room? Sure, you share the same primary colour as him, but you ain't Santa Claus." Taa's loud voice boomed, to which the thing shrugged. "Well, I know who's getting coal this year." 'Santa' retorted with a huff.

"Alright, I'm clearly not Santa, it doesn't take a genius to figure that out. I'm a fill in, if you will - a demon, called Pablo, and I'm here to deliver gifts." Pablo shuddered, pulling out a few, seemingly hastily wrapped presents, "Can this not take all day? It's not hard to imagine how difficult it is to deliver all the way from Oceandome to Quetzal Palace." With that, the demon had fumbled to drag out four individual presents. "See, I told you he would come!" Jiji beamed in delight, making Loralei roll her eyes so hard she probably blacked out for a moment, before returning to eat. "She." Pablo corrected, passing the presents through. Despite the fact she didn't seem interested in delivering presents, Pablo looked at the circle of friends in a slight anticipation as the soft crinkling of wrapping paper filtered through her ears. As satisfied squeals and giggles filled the air, she quickly got up. "Don't you get a present for Christmas, Pablo?" Loralei questioned, paired with a pitying look from Sam. Pablo appeared to think for a moment, "Yeah, it's seeing everyone in the world open their presents and be happy."

"Really, Pablo?" Jiji chimed, clasping his hands together in appreciation.

"Don't be stupid." The demon replied, hauling the bag onto her back yet again, "Where's the front door? I'm not going back up the chimney." After a few directions from Sam, she was gone, almost no proof she'd been aside from the large collection of soot trailed throughout the house. The group looked at each other in unison. "Well, that was eventful." The lion mused, "But look at this cool mane detangler I got from Pablo!"

"Oh, I got a lovely new collar!" Jiji smiled.

"What a lovely mirror!" Loralei exclaimed, putting the sweets down in order to gaze at herself in the item.

Taa snorted in annoyance, "I got coal."

All of the villagers let out a sincere, albeit cliché, laugh that echoed throughout the house. Many others that night were subjected to the demon's terrible delivery route, though after she had left, the atmosphere was much warmer than when she had entered. Maybe it was because Pablo brought people together.

Or maybe it was just because she was a creature of hell.