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The Great Harvest

Posted by Admin-Mat on 15 Oct 2017, 12:00 pm


Chester says:

*grumbles as he pulls himself out of bed* Who decided starting these events at noon was a good idea? I’d love to shank the fellow… ahem. Greetings, villagers from far and wide! You may be delighted to hear that the Great Harvest has come, and we at Dragonsmaw Manor are thrilled to welcome you into the dark, creepy recesses of our home…

…with CANDY.


The Great Harvest is an event where we tirelessly plant pumpkins and carve them into Jack O Lanterns, where upon you can place them onto your doorstep and be blessed by the candies found within.

Begin by collecting your Pumpkin Carving kit by clicking on your own profile.

These pumpkin seeds you receive shall become your way of life. Use your herbalists to grow pumpkins, and your carving kit to shape them into the most beautiful of Jack O Lanterns.

2781-pumpkin.png —> 2780-jack-o-lantern.png

Get it? Your skills will improve as you work at it, not all of us can be instant artists, hmhmmhmm.


You may want to keep these, they could very well be useful in the future.

Be sure to place your Jack O Lanterns on your doorstep (which is also located on your profile) so that the candy fairy who is most certainly not me can visit your doorstep every ten minutes and deposit goodies into your Jack O Lanterns.

But what good is the treat without the trick, hmm? Well, my fine ladies, gentlemen, and assorted others, you may find it pleasing that you can exert your will upon the doorsteps of others. What good would our Harvest celebration be if it were without some mayhem and trickery?


Earn yourself some positive Karma (who needs that?) by depositing additional Jack O Lanterns and candies into the Jack O Lanterns of your fellow villagers. If you have high Karma, you will find yourself attracting Batbats (hey, it’s baseball season, and even we at Dragonsmaw Manor have a fondness for the sport).


Earn yourself some negative Karma (yes, excellent) by smashing the pumpkins of your fellows, and stealing their candy before they can withdraw it. If you have low Karma, you will find yourself attracting these curious little Ectoplasm.

Clearly, you need to both trick and treat to earn the full swarth of creatures the candy fairy may deliver to your Jack O Lanterns, yes? Yes. It does indeed seem so.


“And what are we doing with this candy, Chester?” you might ask. Well, that is an excellent question. It is one that I have many answers to (see, sometimes the choice is yours, fate has not determined your path, etc). You can convert your candy into Candy Points, or you can eat your candy to earn score toward the Feast. Whichever appeals to you more I assume, however do not forget to withdraw candies from your doorstep or you may find your fellow villagers stealing it more often than not.

Note, however, that the candies (as inventory items) have an expiration date of 14 days, which means that they shall all disappear as soon as that fourteen day passes. Candies do not last forever, my friends. It is a most unfortunate truth to the universe.

Don’t forget to peruse the Karma boards and find out who is being nicest and naughtiest… and exact your judgement upon them however you feel appropriate.


“Chester, what about all of these other items we found perusing the museum archives” you ask? Hahahaha… it seems you will have to wait until the second half of the event to learn more about these, my friends.

Because I wouldn’t be a trickster if I didn’t leave you with some mysteries, now would I?

The second half of the event will begin October 22nd. On that day, the Candy Shop shall open with glorious treats and plushes (after I get an idea of how many candies you feisty bunch have gathered), you shall begin growing pumpkins with the extra goal of pleasing me with the Harvest’s Largest Pumpkin, and these mysteries shall be solved, and—



Has anyone seen my hat? My goodness, where did it go now…

Event Data Corner
- Event Part 2 begins October 22nd, along with the Candy Shop
- Candies have a 14 day rotting period, like most foods and will expire on the 14th day after they have been spawned. Please be sure to use your candies, or convert them, before their expiration
- You can close your Doorstep from your profile if you want to take a break from the event, as many times as you wish
- You will only have the candy fairy visit your profile if you are online! The candy fairy visits every 10 min.
- The candy fairy deposits candy in your stash based on the number of Jack O Lanterns you have, and your Karma score
- Interact with other players’ doorsteps by visiting their profiles, where you can deposit candy, steal candy, deposit Jack O Lanterns, and smash Jack O Lanterns, to change your Karma score
- Event will end November 1st. Candy Shop will close November 8th.

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    • Quick question - will we still receive candy after the second half of the event starts? Or will the jack-o-lanterns and candy part end then?

    • I feel like leaving the smash mechanic and removing the candy stealing might be a fair compromise... smashed pumpkins can lose their candy without it going to the smasher. Its quite a bit better while still maintaining the chaos of it.

    • The site is lagging a whole lot, and I cant harvest anymore pumpkins?? why is that? are they gonna work on fixing these later

    • Shoot...I closed my doorstop when taking my dog out for a walk, not realizing it had a cooldown on opening back up.. Now I have to wait...

    • I care less about smashed pumpkins and more about stolen candy, since that's literally taking event currency from other users. If pumpkins are an abundant resource then whatever, but being able to steal candy is actively punishing for people who can't babysit their stashes.

      With the discovery that closing your doorstep effectively locks you out of the whole event and makes you unable to get candy, I would really prefer to not have whatever candy I do make with my doorstep open to be stolen while I wasn't able to check the site.

    • Where to get the seeds? I'm quite confused ^^'

    • Honestly I love this event, nice job guys! I know that a bunch of people really hate the idea of their pumpkins being smashed, but I think it adds more chaos and spook to the event. I haven't ran into any problems with spam smashing at all, I don't see the horribleness of it.

    • the site is lagging so much to me :(
      I'm lost in this event XD
      AND I have questions!

      1.where I can find seeds? my explorers did not find a single event related item/quest!

      2.Will the warriors get ant event stuff? I'm only getting marbles now ¬¬ (is the Kitsune drop still?)

    • Okay, so I'm pretty sure I was too hasty in complaining about smashing pumpkins, when it's so easy to get more of them. I definitely shouldn't have been quick to complain, sorry about that! Now I just wish there was a way to put multiple jack-o-lanterns out at once...this is gonna take me forever to get 200+ on my doorstep xD

    • Maybe make positive Karma available while your doorstep is closed but negative karma can only be done on open doorsteps?