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Dragonsmaw Manor Festival Part 2

Posted by Staff on 27 Oct 2017, 5:34 pm


Hi all, looks like we've gotten things all sorted out and we're ready to bring you part 2 of this spooky event!

Pumpkin Growing

The Pumpkin growing portion of the event is ready to go, your Herbalists (the ones on your account, not everyone's Herbalists site wide) will be working together to grow the biggest pumpkin that they can! On each Herbalist's work page you will see the special slot at the top that holds your most special pumpkin, you simply have to keep using Fertilizer to keep growing your very special, one of a kind Pumpkin child.

*Details on trophies and prizes for the Pumpkin Growing will be announced soon so be on the look out for a News Flash post regarding that in the near future*

New Recipes & Items

There are 2 new recipes now stocking in the Candy Shop, The Hallowed Potion Recipe and the Pumpkin Treats Recipe, check out the details below on the new items that they make!


First up we have the Hallowed Potion, this potion can be used at your Animal Handler's stables to upgrade the rarity of a Mini-Pet. Each potion will upgrade by one step, Common will upgrade to Uncommon or Rare will upgrade to Super Rare. To upgrade a Mini-Pet from Common all the way The up to Super Rare you will need 3 potions total for that Mini-Pet. The crafting price on this recipe is 500 FD, I am told that that price will be going up after the event ends, 500 FD is a special discounted Event exclusive price.



Secondly we have the Pumpkin Treats, these treats can be fed to an undomesticated Mini-Pet to instantly bring them up to full domestication! So have fun baking these up for your Mini-Pets.

Pumpkin Treats DO NOT work yet but you can begin making them for use when the coding bugs have been worked out.


Thanks for sticking with me and as always, please to report any bugs if you run into them!

*Exact end dates for the Event and closure of the Candy Shop will be posted with the Pumpkin Growing trophy and prize details*


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    • @hawkfeathers but.... what about pets that can't be bred that are event exclusive... i don't think it's really worth it for anyone to use them for regular, breedable pets... they cost real money... i don't think there's many of us that are going to waste money upgrading a pet unless they're just collecting...

    • @autisticaliborn The problem is that you don't need to spend all the way from common up, just from rare up. The difference in price between the two is usually at least 1500 (and this is a drastic rounding down for most). Unless one potion costs that, the potion is the better option, which means money won't go to breeders because people will just make potions. No matter what they raise the cost to, I'm just posing the question of is it right to put what is effectively a hard cap on something that's up til now been determined by the free player driven economy. I don't really have an answer either way. I like it for the ability to one day get those old unbreedable FDE stuff I didn't bother with. I don't like how it potentially takes a source of income away from time dedicated players.

    • Is this all we are getting? Cause if yes I'm gonna spend all my CP and trash my ectoplasms >.< and try to get different karma points

    • Wisteria Is their any way to make the potion available only during Halloween? After that, it cannot be made and/ or used til next Halloween. Then it will be made available again next Halloween? This potion has caused a commotion in the forums due to what it will due to Animal Husbandry. Limiting it's availability to just around Halloween time may lessen this impact somewhat.

    • Are we getting anymore items ? i still have a tone of candy points XD

    • Hawkfeather I think that the FD price will be raised up after the event is over. this will still keep the minipets valuable and most people will probably not want to sink more than $15 into a SR minipet (the current price it would take to make into a SR)

      plus, this is actually a really good thing to have for people who want to get SR's of mini pets that are unable to be bred. that way people abtually have a chance to complete their collections instead of there only being a handful of SR unbreedable pets.

    • so, what will the wickerbeast gummies be able to do? will we be getting those with the last update or will they be scrapped?

    • So everything in the Halloween event shop is what we get? Nothing more? Time to spend my candy points to buy a lot of magical plushies to gift people when December arrives~

    • These new items seem pretty cool! I'm excited to see the new trophies, thank you for making this event great !

      Also will we be getting those Wicker Gummies? I wanted one for my gallery :'>

    • Well, so much for being able to sell my SR Snowfox/Serpent for a lot of currency, thanks FV.
      Why is it a Hallowed Potion? Boosting a minipets rarity has nothing to do with Halloween or Hallowed in any way, that's so dumb. I was hoping for a new colour option on our Villagers, or a new type of Villager, or hell even a level-buff for Warriors would've been better than this! D:
      Yeah, I think I'm ready to give this one up, it's not that much fun anymore, which is sad because I wanted to love it so much. :(