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Dragonsmaw Manor Festival Part 2

Posted by Staff on 27 Oct 2017, 5:34 pm


Hi all, looks like we've gotten things all sorted out and we're ready to bring you part 2 of this spooky event!

Pumpkin Growing

The Pumpkin growing portion of the event is ready to go, your Herbalists (the ones on your account, not everyone's Herbalists site wide) will be working together to grow the biggest pumpkin that they can! On each Herbalist's work page you will see the special slot at the top that holds your most special pumpkin, you simply have to keep using Fertilizer to keep growing your very special, one of a kind Pumpkin child.

*Details on trophies and prizes for the Pumpkin Growing will be announced soon so be on the look out for a News Flash post regarding that in the near future*

New Recipes & Items

There are 2 new recipes now stocking in the Candy Shop, The Hallowed Potion Recipe and the Pumpkin Treats Recipe, check out the details below on the new items that they make!


First up we have the Hallowed Potion, this potion can be used at your Animal Handler's stables to upgrade the rarity of a Mini-Pet. Each potion will upgrade by one step, Common will upgrade to Uncommon or Rare will upgrade to Super Rare. To upgrade a Mini-Pet from Common all the way The up to Super Rare you will need 3 potions total for that Mini-Pet. The crafting price on this recipe is 500 FD, I am told that that price will be going up after the event ends, 500 FD is a special discounted Event exclusive price.



Secondly we have the Pumpkin Treats, these treats can be fed to an undomesticated Mini-Pet to instantly bring them up to full domestication! So have fun baking these up for your Mini-Pets.

Pumpkin Treats DO NOT work yet but you can begin making them for use when the coding bugs have been worked out.


Thanks for sticking with me and as always, please to report any bugs if you run into them!

*Exact end dates for the Event and closure of the Candy Shop will be posted with the Pumpkin Growing trophy and prize details*


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    • I like this idea, but I think it needs a limiter of some form. Maybe sterilizing the morphed pet or giving it fewer breed slots? Like 5 instead of 10? So that Animal Husbandry won't take a dive.

    • Friendly suggestion can we make the sterility a feature of the potion so that it becomes a choice between breeding for a higher tier or simply morphing one for collecting?

      That'd help keep breedables valuable while making the potion itself valuable for obtaining limiteds, since many of them can't be bred anymore anyway.

    • ended up wasting 500fd -_-

    • I hoped for a new species since DMM has no new costume or species like the others got but nah just beaking the minipet economy that already struggles. SRs is all breeders have..........

    • I feel like the potion should have been a FD Emporium item rather an event item. But that's just me I guess.

    • I don't get how people can think that the potion is unfair, but inflating a bundle of pixels to cost over 100 Real Life dollars isn't?? :/
      Finding out a cool item you want on a site is basically unachievable is the worst. This way the SRs, even if limited, don't become completely unavailable. People actually CAN finish their collections!! And pet collecting gives you no advantage over someone else, unlike if it was a weapon or something. And no one's forcing you to get all the pets by using the potion? If you find satisfaction in breeding them all the most then do it that way!
      (This is coming from someone that's never spent a dime on any site by the way...)

    • question that just popped into my head
      so to craft the hallowed potion it's 500 fd?
      does that mean to get the alchemist achievement to brew all potions it will cost you 500 FD?

    • I only have 1,200 FD for three reasons:

      Selling hot wings for 20FD for ages
      Blowing 500k FC on unfair conversion ratios just to have some premium currency fod elite items.
      Buying a Dark Crystal fro 50k FC and turning it into 500FD after putting in the market for several months.

      My choices are to use these FD for items i actually want or invest them into limited items, like those feather masks that became ridiculously valuable.


      Make two potions that turn a rare minipet into a sterile SR showcase thing.

      Reasons why this was a bad idea:
      -Royally fucks up the minipet economy, which is a total shitstorm anyway.
      -In order to make ANY money, I have to find a minipet that will upgrade to something worth AT LEAST 500 FD. Thanks to this new item, jackasses dropping prices ridiculously low and the lack of buyers for expensive petd, lacl of buyers for this new potion (as most people who have the cash to buy or make these things have most to all of the pets it's worth getting for), and the less than loveable AH career, there's little profit to be made from shelling out half my supply of hard-earned paper.
      -Raising the already asinine crafting cost to be even higher after event will allow only the richest to buy or make this, and there will be no profit to using this on most attainable minipets.
      -I understand that this is a vastly underfunded project made by an unexperienced team, but doing this to get more FD purchases (should that be your goal) is a HUGE mistake. There was a long time where gold was total PTW in Warthunder and World of Tanks (it still really is in both games), and the only reason it was like that was for gold purchases to make the company money. WoT nearly died for that (among other things), and are just now making a comeback after nearly 4 years of being a memory. Don't travel down that road or I'm leaving right now and selling/trading as much as i can for real money to buy myself something I'll enjoy, like a good pair of boots.

      Hate to be the M36 Slugger here, but this was an idea that should have been proposed before forcing it onto the community during a hyped multi-stage event.

    • I'm not totally sure how to feel about all this. I mean, good that after the event, the price will raise... but it's still an easy way to get a very desired thing. I understand that some are very unattainable (SR feathered serpent, decorated snows) but shouldn't a website always have those items?

      Like I said, I don't know. I'm not positive on my feelings about it. I worked hard for serpent eggs and breeding against the RNG odds. It just feels like a easy way around a problem.

    • Drake_Valos This effect didn't happen to any of the pets I personally tested last night, nor any that were tested by other staff members, they are all still able to breed. This is just a completely unexpected bug that we will try to get fixed ASAP.