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Weekly News!

Posted by Staff on 7 Nov 2017, 12:08 am


Hi all! This is just a news post to point out some of the stuff going on and keep everyone in the loop.

First of all, I've opened up a new discussion thread here regarding valour points and the tournament.

MOD-Thaleia has opened a thread to discuss reworking quests. You can find it here!

There's also a thread discussing the new exploration event which you can find here.

If you're looking to chip in your opinions about the contest overhaul, you'll find a thread for that here.

Next up, we've a new poll for you all: poll. - We're looking to see where players would like us to focus our development attention. Please note that voting for a particular option also includes the current bugs associated with that career - such as the permanent immunity issue, and various warrior-related problems. Once we've the results of this poll, we'll make a thread discussing the specifics.

As for other news:

- We've decided to go ahead with Custom Item Orders due to the results of the poll. The exact pricing details will be available soon.

- @MOD-Skulldiggery is working on a large exploration event to add to the roster. No ETA on this.
They're also pink now, for some reason!

- I have a new battleground planned, which will have highly randomised versions of existing enemies, along with a huge loot table. This will be released in a couple weeks (as I'll need to make new versions of each monster individually).

And for the sake of clarification:

- The previous polls are now closed.
- I've left their respective discussion threads open - please note that a potential sister site would not be funded or developed by Furvilla itself.; it would have been a personal project. At this stage, I've decided to shelf the idea.
- Crystals have been overhauled. They have significantly more stats, and cost half as many resources to make.
- Most users are comfortable with custom content, even if they aren't willing to purchase it, with over 50% of the poll indicating this response.

Finally, I've some important information regarding the Hallowed Potion:

We're working on a fix on upgraded pets losing their breeding charges. In the mean time, if you have a bugged pet, please send a TRADE to Admin-Mat ; please note that pets have their gender randomly assigned when they are created - if you necessary, you may be sent a Breeding Potion as well.

*Please include ALL your affected pets in a single trade*

Additionally, mini-pets that only listed colour in the menagerie are now fixed; if this is not the case in any instances, please issue a bug report.

Thanks for reading everyone! We'll be looking to do this sort of news post weekly to keep everyone up to date! Have fun!

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    • #YouWillNotBeForgotten

    • I agree with Honeebunny, I thought we were getting an update on the recycle species. APPARENTLY NOT

    • dang, i got excited hoping we were finally gonna find out about the recycle species :c still, it's cool to have the users vote on what gets fixed first!
      also i vote pink names for everyone

    • I think that Warriors should be focused on, because who else has been waiting months for the Warrior Achievements to start working? :p
      Seriously... ever since they changed the Warrior career, the Achievements for Warriors haven't been working :/
      Other than that, I do think that focusing on bugs or making more Inventory items stack would be really good ^u^

    • Love this news post/update, thanks a lot
      Aaaah now I can use my potion on my pet without fear,
      Also Kiwiggle needs a pink name ^u^b

    • Thank you for the weekly news! This is SO much better than digging through the forums and the info wont get eaten ;A;
      Thank you very much!!!

    • Woah, major information! ^_^ I love it! :D Thank you!!

    • I want a pink name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • So excited for the battleground updates :)

    • seems promising