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Weekly News!

Posted by Staff on 7 Nov 2017, 12:08 am


Hi all! This is just a news post to point out some of the stuff going on and keep everyone in the loop.

First of all, I've opened up a new discussion thread here regarding valour points and the tournament.

MOD-Thaleia has opened a thread to discuss reworking quests. You can find it here!

There's also a thread discussing the new exploration event which you can find here.

If you're looking to chip in your opinions about the contest overhaul, you'll find a thread for that here.

Next up, we've a new poll for you all: poll. - We're looking to see where players would like us to focus our development attention. Please note that voting for a particular option also includes the current bugs associated with that career - such as the permanent immunity issue, and various warrior-related problems. Once we've the results of this poll, we'll make a thread discussing the specifics.

As for other news:

- We've decided to go ahead with Custom Item Orders due to the results of the poll. The exact pricing details will be available soon.

- @MOD-Skulldiggery is working on a large exploration event to add to the roster. No ETA on this.
They're also pink now, for some reason!

- I have a new battleground planned, which will have highly randomised versions of existing enemies, along with a huge loot table. This will be released in a couple weeks (as I'll need to make new versions of each monster individually).

And for the sake of clarification:

- The previous polls are now closed.
- I've left their respective discussion threads open - please note that a potential sister site would not be funded or developed by Furvilla itself.; it would have been a personal project. At this stage, I've decided to shelf the idea.
- Crystals have been overhauled. They have significantly more stats, and cost half as many resources to make.
- Most users are comfortable with custom content, even if they aren't willing to purchase it, with over 50% of the poll indicating this response.

Finally, I've some important information regarding the Hallowed Potion:

We're working on a fix on upgraded pets losing their breeding charges. In the mean time, if you have a bugged pet, please send a TRADE to Admin-Mat ; please note that pets have their gender randomly assigned when they are created - if you necessary, you may be sent a Breeding Potion as well.

*Please include ALL your affected pets in a single trade*

Additionally, mini-pets that only listed colour in the menagerie are now fixed; if this is not the case in any instances, please issue a bug report.

Thanks for reading everyone! We'll be looking to do this sort of news post weekly to keep everyone up to date! Have fun!

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    • wonderful updates~!
      Thank you for letting the userbase know what's happening :D

    • *Expected contest results* darn. but yaY OTHER STUFF

    • This news update is so wonderful!! Thank you for keeping us in the loop!! <3

    • Not to be "that guy", but I really don't think furvilla has the track record to be offering more custom content when staff has a hard enough time staying on schedule with site basics. I feel like the site needs more work on their current workload before piling on more queues that may become backlogged. I've seen how custom items and such play out on other sites with slow staff, and it usually ends up with a disgruntled user base since paid content doesn't get delivered in a timely fashion. I feel like this is asking for a headache.

    • WOOO! Yay for keeping us updated. Thank you for taking Laz's suggestion seriously!

      also hurray for being able to fix my broken pets lol.

    • Love the weekly update, too! I hope this continues :D

    • this news is very colorful with those mod names

    • Love the weekly news update! Much better than scouring the forums for such things, awesome idea, and thank you so much for taking the time to make this!