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Moderation Changes

Posted by Admin-Mat on 12 Sep 2016, 11:24 pm


Our moderation tactics have been changed in response to player feedback. Many of you have come to us with concerns about bullying and attacks in the forums, and our new infraction system is our solution to that problem. From this point forward, moderators will be issuing infractions for behavior that violates our Site Rules, and an accumulation of infraction points will result in impartial site bans.

We need your help here more than ever in reporting behavior that is inconsistent with our rules. We want the game to be fun and relaxing to play, and if you witness any behavior that bullies or attacks another player on the forums, we encourage you to report it. In the past we had a very lenient system of flags and warnings, but our new system will ensure that rule-breaking behavior is swiftly and fairly punished.

Prior behavior has been expunged from every player's record (with the exception of existing bans). If you had a warning or a flag on your account, you are starting clean with a fresh record.

In addition, our rules have been updated with the following changes:

- We no longer forbid discussion of alcohol or drugs on Furvilla. However, players may not encourage or discuss the illegal or underage use of these substances in their discussions. They may also not solicit any drugs or alcohol on Furvilla. We have decided to relax this rule because Furvilla is not a children's website, it is a website that caters to a general furry audience without the sexual content common on furry websites.

- Players are now permitted to have off-topic discussions in the chatrooms.

- Clarifications have been made regarding off-site trade right now during beta, and after beta.

- We do not allow players to post threads stating they want to harm themselves or commit suicide.

- Players may not beg or severely lowball others.

- Players may not be vulgar, overly aggressive or abusive toward staff members in their communications.

In addition, we wanted to share some information about our future plans: we are in the process of implementing two major features, the plush collection feature and the indoor decoration feature. The majority of our focus will be toward these two features as they will both be major sinks for items and currency in the economy. In addition, one of our programmers is working on mini-games, per the suggestion of many players.

We would also like to announce that our official opening date is scheduled for December 1, 2016!

Have a nice day!

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    • Oh my. :0

    • I too am concerned about the bullying rule. Yeah I know my name is Bullydog but f'real, I've been reported for the stupidest things already. This padded playroom thing is unrealistic and actually insulting to the intelligence of your average player. People should be free to have discourse, people should be free to not like another person because of things they say. I'm perfectly fine with people saying they hate me cuz y'know what? It's entirely their right.

    • I don't think I've seen any bullying here (which is why these are like my favorite forums, we don't have any one person being targeted, at least not for long). But I hope it doesn't turn into a thing where it's like "waaahhhh they have a different opinion than me, they're a big bully!"

    • New things are coming!!

    • Okay, I accept the rules and will do my best to obey them *but* (and this is a little but) I'm worried by the 'rudeness' rule? Especially since it's a 'one strike and you're gone for 3 days' thing.

      How rude is rude? I'm "high-functioning" autistic (Asperger's, as it used to be called), so 99% of the time I don't intend to be rude or insulting but I word something badly or I'm a bit ignorant about proper social procedure, so I make a mistake. It's the same with many other people are neurodivergent, I'm sure. Some people are friendly but blunt, others are learning English as a second language and haven't quite grasped our labyrinthine hell-language yet. And some... I hate to say this, but some people take anything as an insult or will report people for being rude for having an opinion they don't agree with (and I say this as the most bleeding-hearted of bleeding-heart liberals). What's the line for rudeness here?

      And also cultural/individual differences for rudeness? I'm English. We're sarcastic with a dry sense of humour, we complain, we will happily insult even our most beloved of national treasures. And even within my family, we tease each other a lot. My Dad's loving nickname for me is 'ratbag'. I'm willing to bet that a conversation that me and my Mum would happily have might earn us warnings for rudeness here.

      This really sounds like I'm quibbling or contesting the rules but I just don't want to get in trouble. This is a really fun site and I want to stay here as long as possible.

    • Yay, this is great! Still disappointed the one bump a day hasn't changed, though

    • I apologize for a forum comment I made saying that Furvilla was a Children's site ><. I had the notion from other users telling me that it was - I will keep in mind that it is for the general community. I'd also like to ask about begging, does this mean bumping a Forum topic that you need help in something with multiple times? I'm not exactly sure what it means, I apologize, but I understand the lowballing part. Thank you!

    • so, can i contest that strike i got on my account for mentioning that i /didnt like/ beer, now?

    • Finally, the ban system is up. :D This should help straighten out any upstarts. Furvilla should be a welcoming community free of toxicity...or at least attempt to. Anyways, thank you so much mods and staff for bearing with us. *hugs*

      Question, when will the beta testers receive their exclusive beta bug animal/pet? The way it was phrased in the Tumblr post made it seem it were won in a raffle than gifted or rare encounter while collecting as a husbandman. Could you clarify?