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Moderation Changes

Posted by Admin-Mat on 12 Sep 2016, 11:24 pm


Our moderation tactics have been changed in response to player feedback. Many of you have come to us with concerns about bullying and attacks in the forums, and our new infraction system is our solution to that problem. From this point forward, moderators will be issuing infractions for behavior that violates our Site Rules, and an accumulation of infraction points will result in impartial site bans.

We need your help here more than ever in reporting behavior that is inconsistent with our rules. We want the game to be fun and relaxing to play, and if you witness any behavior that bullies or attacks another player on the forums, we encourage you to report it. In the past we had a very lenient system of flags and warnings, but our new system will ensure that rule-breaking behavior is swiftly and fairly punished.

Prior behavior has been expunged from every player's record (with the exception of existing bans). If you had a warning or a flag on your account, you are starting clean with a fresh record.

In addition, our rules have been updated with the following changes:

- We no longer forbid discussion of alcohol or drugs on Furvilla. However, players may not encourage or discuss the illegal or underage use of these substances in their discussions. They may also not solicit any drugs or alcohol on Furvilla. We have decided to relax this rule because Furvilla is not a children's website, it is a website that caters to a general furry audience without the sexual content common on furry websites.

- Players are now permitted to have off-topic discussions in the chatrooms.

- Clarifications have been made regarding off-site trade right now during beta, and after beta.

- We do not allow players to post threads stating they want to harm themselves or commit suicide.

- Players may not beg or severely lowball others.

- Players may not be vulgar, overly aggressive or abusive toward staff members in their communications.

In addition, we wanted to share some information about our future plans: we are in the process of implementing two major features, the plush collection feature and the indoor decoration feature. The majority of our focus will be toward these two features as they will both be major sinks for items and currency in the economy. In addition, one of our programmers is working on mini-games, per the suggestion of many players.

We would also like to announce that our official opening date is scheduled for December 1, 2016!

Have a nice day!

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    • Can i get an EPUB version of the rules? they are too long for me to read on my shitty display id like to load them on my kindle and read them there

    • Oh darn, I saw the picture and assumed the new rodents had become available, but alas, not yet *waits patiently for the adorable chinchilla"

      I don't know how the plushies are going to work, but I'm very excited for them!

      December 1st seems like a good date to open the site. I know a bunch of people eagerly waiting to join up. I'm still enjoying the game a lot but it'll be nice to have new players to keep things interesting and liven it up a bit.

    • Honestly I think the infraction system is TOO harsh and the rules are still very much unclear. Backseat moderation...people may genuinely be unfamiliar with the rules. Why is telling someone the rules a warnable offense? I'd rather someone tell me what rule I'm breaking so I can FIX it, than get an auto ban for an innocent mistake.

      The duplicate threads thing. I can understand not wanting a user posting the same thread in multiple areas of the site, but seeing as how there is no search function of the forums, how is someone going to know if a thread already exists? What happens if two users post a thread about cats (random example) at the same time unknowingly? Do both of them get warned for duplicate topics?

      Subject derailment is entirely subjective. discussions gradually change over time. You cant stop it from happening.

      Honestly I feel like depending on the offense, a warning should be given to the user, rather than an infraction point. Because some of these could honestly be mistakes and it's not fair to ban someone for making an honest mistake. And some of the rules are subjective in nature. How do you enforce something thats entirely subjective? Like the lowball rule?

    • Honeebunny
      Well ok you've got a point there. Honestly idk where half of the rules are??? So I mean yeah...

    • JamesEatsPlayDoh have you seen how many different rules this site has, and how many different places they're located? it's quite feasible for a newbie to not know all the rules, or for the site to update the rules, with no notice except for the change log (which not everyone keeps track of), and then boom! there's 50 people breaking rules that were implemented 12 hours ago while they were asleep, and 1/8 of furvilla's population is gone. obviously, that is an exaggeration, but i think it gets the point across. heck, with how vague the 'new' copyright infringement rule is, 3/4 of furvilla could be permabanned right now.

    • Honeebunny no offense but if you don't know the rules of the site youre posting on you've got a problem.

    • - We do not allow players to post threads stating they want to harm themselves or commit suicide.

      What if somebody is honestly trying to reach out because they're hurting? Some people will do so on message boards where they feel the most safe. I would say have a pinned topic, in the very least "If you are feeling suicidal, click here!" and list hotline numbers, or something to that effect. Don't just punish people for their depression and desperation.

    • glad there's gonna be more stuff to do!

      i'm reading the infractions though, and some of them seem rather harsh/designed to get people banned. for example, the 'backseat moderation'- that means that if someone's breaking a rule that they might not know about, you're just supposed to report them so they get in trouble, instead of politely pointing them to the rule/s in question? that's a quick way for all the newbies to get banned when the site goes out of beta. and the 'duplicate threads', i hope that has some sort of unspoken allowance for double posts (that is, two or more threads created at the same time due to site or user internet lag), given that they're unintentional and not that infrequent on here.
      and the 'posting malicious software or viruses' is worth ten points, but they expire in a year? why? it says that ten points is a permaban, so is there any purpose to having anything that's an automatic permaban having points that expire?

      any clarification on these points would be appreciated :3

    • Wait, you couldn't have off topic discussions before? I saw plenty of them.

    • I'm glad we can discuss drugs but we still can't have any sort of religious talk :) Great job Furvilla