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Breeding Limits Discussion

Posted by Admin-Mat on 2 Nov 2016, 6:08 pm


It's no mystery from looking at the Giving Tree and the User Shops that many common and uncommon animals have lost their value due to overbreeding. In animal husbandry, players should still be able to sell their common animals and make money from their breeding. It appears that exponential growth of animals, overbreeding, and unlimited breeding charges have devastated the value of animals, and will continue to do so as more players join animal husbandry and continue breeding.

So, the question is, how do we curb overbreeding to reduce the amount of animals entering the economy? There are a couple of good suggestions that have popped up over the last weeks and months which can be boiled down into the following:

1) Using the breeding charges. Some may have already noticed that the contest prize animals have breeding charges. This feature is built into all animals, and limited breeding charges ensure that animals cycle out of the economy and do not continue to produce more animals indefinitely. Common animals should have low breeding charges (say, 2-5) so they cycle out fast, while rarer animals should have more (upwards of 100 for Super Rare animals) so they can be used for a long time, as they took a while to be earned.

2) Stable Limits. It's been suggested that stable limits would help with the economy as players would no longer be able to farm animals of every type, and instead would be encouraged to focus on their favorite animals. This encourages trading as players focusing on one type of animal would trade with another player focusing on another, as both players cannot focus on all animals. Disrupting the massive breeding farms ensures that there isn't a large amount of commons being born and devaluing animals as well. One common suggestion has been limiting each villager to 50 Stables.

3) Account-wide breeding limits. Another suggestion has been simply to limit the amount of breedings a single account can perform per day. One common number has been 50-100 breedings per day. Similar to stable limits, this helps disrupt large breeding farms and limits the amount of animals entering the economy, while also encouraging players to focus on their favorite animals.

Our opinion is that some combination of #1 #2 and #3 would help the value of animals immensely. What would you change to ensure that common/uncommon animals retain their value?

Another idea: revamp the Breeding Potion to be required to breed a pair of animals. This would give Alchemy a good new kick in value. The Breeding Potion could use some adjustments like making the ingredient list simpler, but it would add a dimension of complexity to breeding and connect Animal Husbandry to Alchemy.

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    • #1 would be devastating. So would requiring a potion to breed.

      #2 and #3 would be OK, if the limits are reasonable. I've come around on this.

      But really, I think you need to use economics and provide a sink for common animals. I suggested one, other people have suggested others (though I agree with the often mentioned comment that using animals for raw materials would be kind of creepy on a furry site).

    • I'd be 100% happy with 1 and 3, but please don't implement 2. I've worked so hard, and have spent so much money getting together all of the stables I needed to have so that I can bred animals from all of the villages. Also because stables will lose value all together if there is a limit on how many can be used. Once the people who care have all of the stables they need no one will end up buying anymore.

      Also, if 1 is implemented please please please, up the rate for breeding rare animals or it will be painfully hard for anyone to achieve their breeding goals.

    • breeding a uncommon/rare/super rare pet is considerably difficult, thats why we keep breeding them, making a limit will only make breeding rare pets become impossible. Yes the common pets are very cheap in user shops, but common pets in regular shops are cheap as well, that makes selling common pets in cheap prize a considerable normal thing to do, besides this way can let users in every village at lease have one of their favorite pet that lives in different village as them do. Instead of making limit in breeding numbers, I suggest higher the chance of uncommon pair breeds out uncommon and rare pets, because the desire to breed rarer pets is the reason of breeding too many times and too many common pets running around at user store, higher the chance of breed out rarer pets can not only solve the problem of low value common pets, it can also make breeding pets a more enjoyable thing to do. If this solution makes you worry about the value of rarer pets, don't worry about it, isn't the point of creating these gorgeous pets out, is to let everyone have a chance to have it? and we can always make more pets out to let players collect, it will be a endless joyful road to take, if it's me, instead of limiting things to do and time spent online, I rather try to find a way let this website and the community boom.

    • Please don't put limitations on the Animal Husbandry career, especially not the daily limit of 'breeding 100 pets a day'I mean.. that's just ridiculous if you ask me. Yes, there are a lot of common pets out there, but getting a uncommon or up has proven to be very hard, unless you already have a large farm of pets. Therefore I just.. would like to suggest another way to get rid of the pets that flood the economy. Perhaps some NPC that takes in bulks of pets and trades something back to you, for example a breeding potion or maybe some exclusive pet to that NPC!

    • In regards to the breeding potion mention at the bottom, I've never understood the breeding potion. The name far from matches the description. A 'breeding potion' should be required to breed something, not change a gender.. This is, of course, a personal opinion based on wording, so I understand if others disagree, but i will not apoligize for ruffled feathers and fur. (and scales, for those lizzies/diles/gaters/dragons.)

      Honestly, I appreciate the freedom of breeding, but looking at how often I play and how often I get something rare... I have gotten one non-common coloration of beastie in all the time I've been playing with Tierdra, and she's sometimes the only class page I load up. (Mostly because I do a lot of my play while I'm at work and I get a call right after loading up.) The breeding limits per beastie seem a little extreme. yes, they've been overbred, but I don't think you should put limitations on it just yet. I would love to see some kind of a guide to effective breeding if you do that, and include whether cross-breeding color types ever has a chance to produce the rarer color. i'm guessing not, since i've never gotten it to work.

      I'd like to suggest another, most likely less-popular idea. Limit donations to the tree per day, as well. I've seen people donate batches of 50 or 60 of the same color pet inside a span of like, 5 seconds, and I've seen people who drop one or two rarer thing and otherwise leave the tree alone. I appreciate being able to expand my menagerie because it means I might get to breed those, but if you put those breeding restrictions on those pets, that's all that's going to show up in the breeding tree after a while, and that's going to be disappointing. 'Oh cool! Rare critter! Yoink! Awww, all breeding charges are used up!' You might want to think of a way around that disappointment early, if you do initiate a breeding limitation.

      I don't know if this is helpful, but it's my opinion, and you asked. ^-^

      Thank you for a fantastic sight and a fun game.

    • I think 3 may be the better option but honestly I'm surprised though, well not really just only at the fact how players are breeding to get rares. Although lately I haven't been playing much but during when I was I haven't been able to obtain any rares even though I keep trying to breed them!

    • I’ll begin by saying that I’ve read every single post here up until this point. So my ideas are either pulled from my own personal concepts, or ones that I saw posted before me (depending on what it is.)

      For starters I’ll talk about the options mentioned in the News Post, and then move onto ideas that I enjoyed seeing others suggest that may not be directly related to the options given. I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE FOR THE LENGTH OF THIS. I have attempted to break it down into sections however for easier reading.

      Option One – Breeding Charges
      I am highly agents this. I can understand why pets given to people via reward systems are given breeding limits, as you want to cut down on the number of contest prize pets that are available, but for pets that you find or buy that can be highly frustrating for no reason at all. Personally I would outright stop trying to get pets and – probably – just stop playing because it would be one more annoying aspect of the site that I didn’t want to deal with. It might, at the least, be alright to offer a breeding limit on Fur DollarEmporium pets (I so regret saying that, but it is what it is.) Perhaps at twice the limit of Contest prizes. (I am unsure of the correct contest limit right now, so please used these made up numbers for an example.) If Contest Pets are 15, 30, 45, and 60 Limits going up in type rarity, and a baseline of 10, 15, 20, and 25 for baseline color rarity (ie. A common prize with a common color would be 25, while a common prize with a super rare would be 40 breeding limited) then you could simply double all numbers for FDE pets. (50 for a common/common, upwards to 110 for a super rare/super rare.) I also believe that we should be able to sell back FDE pets to the system again. Not allowing it clogs up everything something fierce and really just takes up more space than needed everywhere.
      If you absolutely must introduce breeding limits on all pets, make it so that those who have been used beyond half-way cannot be sold anywhere but back to the system. This will help keep people from accidentally buying something not worth very much overall and will cut down on cases of others trying to trick new or inexperienced players. I also suggest that once a pet reaches 0, it automatically gets sold back to the site. Broken. Gone forever. This way users themselves aren’t cluttered with unusable pets, and still get something for using them at the same time.
      The concept of using a set number of common and uncommon pets to “refresh” the limit is actually a good one, and if this limits do become a thing I think that requiring you to transmute them into one new pet should be fine if done correctly.

      Option Two – Stable Limits
      I’m a bit neutral on this one. While I believe that it would help limit the amount of pets used at a time (and limiting the number of pots any given herbalist could have at a time worked fine) the mechanics of how the AH carrier works is much different then how growing plants works. I saw someone mention something along the lines of 252 stables per villager, which is an even number of 21 pages of stables. (A far more reasonable number than 50 stables per villager which in my – and almost every other user posting here’s – experience is going to get you nothing but a bunch of common pets and if you’re extremely lucky maybe an uncommon or two.) The simple hassle of trying to breed and switch out that many pets just to maybe luck out will take hours.
      Someone else mentioned something that I liked the concept of, though you would have to pay close attention to the cost or else it will – again – become pointless. Allowing users to have 50 stables that they can use much like how the original villager set up was done is a good idea. You get your first set of free stables given to each villager, then you get a batch making up the remaining 50 where all you have to do is buy a stable and equip it. After that, it should cost a stable and 1,000 (1k) Furcoins (FC) +1,000 (1k) Furcoins (FC) per each sequential slot upgraded. So, by the your 60 th stable you’d spend 11,000 (11k) Furcoins (FC) to unlock it, plus whatever the cost of the stable itself was. Please pay attention to the suggested price. Far too many of the other “unlocks” are stupidly overpriced and if you try and go the way of the others charging 10,000 (10k) or more each time then you will again, very quickly lose people’s interest with AH as a general task. (While 1k might be a little on the low end, anything over 10k is a little extreme in my opinion.)

      Option Three – Account Limits
      I’m actually more okay on this idea. While the baseline of account breeding limits should be something more along the lines of 200 a day (some will reach that, other more casual players will not) it does force people to sit down and think about what they’re going to breed and how they’re going to do it.
      A good way for this though, is also to introduce the ability to buy more. It could be done very simply. For ever 50,000 (50K) or 100,000 (100k) or something, you unlock another 50-100 daily limits. If you allow the prices to stack (100k for an extra 100 limits, 200k for the following 100 limits) then you are creating a money sink but people who want to be able to breed large numbers of pets at a time should find it worthwhile, especially if selling a few Super Rare pets will allow their chances of getting more super rare pets in a shorter number of days.
      Note that the limits would be increased forever! This is a One Time purchase not an every time purchase. I also suggest a cap of something reasonable like a total of 1,000 (1k) total breeding chances a day. While this might sound like a lot only truly dedicated AH users will user all of them in a day, while the average number of us will use things on the lower end of the spectrum, if we ever even max out on the default chances.

      Options Two and Three would combine really well together. You’d have to play them right, and work them in together but it would be possible just by even glancing at my own suggestions on how to implement them. I’m sure that talking it over among everyone who works on suggestions they would be able to come up with something that could work for themselves and the site.

      Option Four – Potion Revamp
      Absolutely not. Making people use potions to breed a pet is a horrible idea that I assure you will mean a lot of people simply abandon ship and leave the site, if not the AH aspect as a whole. If you want to add other elements to connect Alchemy to AH this is not the way to go. Even if you made it so every village had their own potion it would be an absolute nightmare to work with. People would be spending hundreds of thousands with nothing to gain from it. Just don’t do it. At all.

      Other Suggestions!
      I personally enjoy the suggestion many have mentioned about allowing you to donate pets in for points! Making donations for things like forum vistas, new pets in colors you can’t get, or other things would be really cool to see. Call it a pet rescue or a farm or something, but it’s point should be to remove excess pets and gain points from them. These are a few things I can see being good to implement in that;
      A vista for each pet! It might sound like a lot of artwork but in the long run people would happily be donating pets back to the sit to collect every single one. You could have all your Common ones priced at a set price, and have it go up as you get to Super Rare. (I suggest all pets because – personally – some of my favorite pet colors happen to be the Uncommon ones, while many others only enjoy the other variations.)
      Special pet colors! An option to turn in a set number of points and a pet of type you’re wanting to get a new color of. (Say, you want an Appaloosa Uni in the new special color of Pink. You’d be required to turn in the points needed for the color, and an Appaloosa Uni to be the base.) You could make it so that the Special Pets cannot breed, meaning the only way to get them would be to donate the required points needed each time and have both genders to get both of them to complete a set.
      Points only pets. Pet species that you can only buy from the point shop, which would introduce new species of pets to the site, while clearing off old and unwanted pets. These could even be priced on the higher end of the point system, to make it worthwhile to get but not impossible.
      Pet costumes! Or even just pet themes. Sure each village has costumes but what about the pets? You could either do a costume of the same type as the villagers (Warrior, Steampunk, Reaper, ect.) or you could do more blanket costumes like, “Ocean Dome” (gives everyone more aquatic looks, might even change already native OD pets into something more fancy – ie growing coral or something on themselves) and “Dragonsmaw Manor” (make them all into ghosts or something!) You wouldn’t have to implement any of these all at once, but even slow releases is better than no releases. (Costumes would be much like the special colors in that they cannot breed.)
      Another aspect is to use the costume/special color ideas as the “boosts” the site was already considering using with pets. While you can still implement the idea of the basic pets in that, adding another aspect of the special color and costumes to it would encourage even more to try and remove pets that they have no use for to get new pets. Of course, you could also combine the concept of costumes and special colors and consider them to be the same thing, depending on how you want to do things.
      Villager Costumes! There could be an exclusive costume that requires you to get things with the points. Maybe special blueprints or items you can only buy with points to add into a pattern book. Obviously you wouldn’t have to implement this and the art for it right away (I’d personally love to see the other species get art for the current costumes we have, but that’s off track) but the idea of maybe down the road adding newer costumes to the site in various ways isn’t a horrible one.

      Again, I’m sorry for how long this is, and I hope that at least a few people take the time to read it and either build off of it, or suggest flaws in it. I’m really bad at doing TL:DR stuff mostly because I generally read everything and already try to make my points as short as possible.

      I’m also going to just send this in via email, since I’m not completely sure that it’ll be read off the news announcement by people who can actually implement these types of changes.

    • Males should have a cooldown. At least that'd make use of them. And encourage people to sell off the livestock. Most of these are there because they have a face. It's easier to hoardsell herbs than the animals, even of they're pixels. Maybe make them sellable to a petstore so people don't feel bad. 100 stables would be more appropriate, but it'd really only work if the males got their own cooldown.

      Rather than limit an account's breeding, limit the villager's breedings. Maybe 50 per day. This means you'd have to use a villager, which means they won't be doing another job that adds to the economy at least for that period. If it were a player limit, they could use just one villager for all that. It makes more sense it be the villager, that exhausts their birthing work.

      Breeding potion is a poor idea because it's limited to one village. Unless it were a new one that can be used from all villages. The old "breeding" potion can be renamed switch potion.

    • i think the main problem is that its not hard to breed a harem of females. it takes longer for higher rarities because of breeding cooldown, but once you have like 30 females youre swimming in em.

      option number 3 is a good idea, but id rather be limited on how many times i can breed a certain species each day. this would address the harem problem. so there would be a limit on how many times you can breed kritties and how many times you can breed ferrets etc. for common animals it would be higher, say 20. so you could breed 20 ferrets per day. but for more rare animals it would be way less, like maybe 5? so then no one has a harem of 35 ferrets (like i do right now lmfao)

      i guess i wouldn't really mind a stable limit now that its pretty unrealistic to maintain more than 100 stables

      breeding charges sound like a good idea too, that way common animals wont get thrown at the giving tree since you'll need to replenish your harem and male. however i think a different way of being able to get rid of excess animals would be just as effective and less likely to make it harder for newbies. maybe have the option to release an animal but the incentive would be that it leaves a gift or gives your villager a point of some sort? i like the idea of getting raw materials from releasing animals that could be used by other professions

    • Hehe, I was devastated to get something (anything) for the pets I bred. I think their price fall was due to the shrinking player base. Don't worry I only breed super rares now and I don't plan on discounting them any more xD

      The releasing bonus would be wonderful! I would put it under my point No. 2, because it would help get pets out of circulation. There's a bunch of amazing ideas in the comments about how this take-junk-pets-out system could function. Implement more than one and there's plenty of possibilities for players to get rid of commons.