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Breeding Limits Discussion

Posted by Admin-Mat on 2 Nov 2016, 6:08 pm


It's no mystery from looking at the Giving Tree and the User Shops that many common and uncommon animals have lost their value due to overbreeding. In animal husbandry, players should still be able to sell their common animals and make money from their breeding. It appears that exponential growth of animals, overbreeding, and unlimited breeding charges have devastated the value of animals, and will continue to do so as more players join animal husbandry and continue breeding.

So, the question is, how do we curb overbreeding to reduce the amount of animals entering the economy? There are a couple of good suggestions that have popped up over the last weeks and months which can be boiled down into the following:

1) Using the breeding charges. Some may have already noticed that the contest prize animals have breeding charges. This feature is built into all animals, and limited breeding charges ensure that animals cycle out of the economy and do not continue to produce more animals indefinitely. Common animals should have low breeding charges (say, 2-5) so they cycle out fast, while rarer animals should have more (upwards of 100 for Super Rare animals) so they can be used for a long time, as they took a while to be earned.

2) Stable Limits. It's been suggested that stable limits would help with the economy as players would no longer be able to farm animals of every type, and instead would be encouraged to focus on their favorite animals. This encourages trading as players focusing on one type of animal would trade with another player focusing on another, as both players cannot focus on all animals. Disrupting the massive breeding farms ensures that there isn't a large amount of commons being born and devaluing animals as well. One common suggestion has been limiting each villager to 50 Stables.

3) Account-wide breeding limits. Another suggestion has been simply to limit the amount of breedings a single account can perform per day. One common number has been 50-100 breedings per day. Similar to stable limits, this helps disrupt large breeding farms and limits the amount of animals entering the economy, while also encouraging players to focus on their favorite animals.

Our opinion is that some combination of #1 #2 and #3 would help the value of animals immensely. What would you change to ensure that common/uncommon animals retain their value?

Another idea: revamp the Breeding Potion to be required to breed a pair of animals. This would give Alchemy a good new kick in value. The Breeding Potion could use some adjustments like making the ingredient list simpler, but it would add a dimension of complexity to breeding and connect Animal Husbandry to Alchemy.

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    • while I would be happy with any of the presented methods (though... admittedly I wouldn't be super stoked about the breeding potion one), 2 and 3 work in a way that makes getting into animal husbandry less daunting for a new player. At the same time, it puts a cap on the players overbreeding (....I will also admit that I think a 50 stable limit is a bit low, but I also understand it would greatly help with the overall goal in mind).

      I would be VERY interested in seeing how #1 would play out in the grand scheme of things though. I don't think the month left in beta is enough to get a big enough picture of how it would impact AH in the long run.

      #2 works to deter harems in the sense that you don't have the ROOM for them. but it would still allow users to shuffle animals from their inventory/storage/stall etc to breed more than 50. if anything, it just makes things more of a pain, which will be enough to stop some users from breeding so much, but certainly not all.

      #3 is definitely a harder cap than #2. When paired with #2, you basically have the set up for herbalism, which I enjoy! #2 still encourages users to set several villagers as AH (assuming a 50 stable cap), rather than my current set up of having 1200 stables on one villager.

      However, even these two working together do nothing to force a player to release a harem or seek new studs over time. Once you have what you need, you are good to go forever for that animal. #1 is definitely the most interesting gameplay change because it requires users to constantly buy both common and rare animals to have the greatest chances of success!

      It's not necessarily going to 100% solve the giving tree flooded with commons problem though, because eventually the giving tree will be filled with animals with no breeding charges left, but at least at that point they really did serve their purpose and are probably ready to just be sold back via the inventory feature.

    • Number two would probably be the least effective of the three. Especially with the new mass management system put in, it'd be trivial to just shuffle animals through those fifty stables. I think the only limit that would put on breeders is reduce their storage slots, and that can be fixed by buying slots.

      Number one is a great idea, and would giving a boost in value to male animals especially, since you'd no longer be relying on a single male to breed a harem of females.

      Not too sure about number three. It's pretty easy to burn through a hundred breedings even with only one or two species to focus on, but it is a nice idea to encourage people to focus on a few animals instead of ALL THE ANIMALS EVERYWHERE.

      Maybe put a breed cooldown on the males, too? Even if it's something short like one or two days. Real animals can't breed into perpetuity; they have to "reload" after a while, too.

    • (((#3 is still my favourite option but Imagine trying to hunt for a shiny Pokemon and only being allowed 100 random encounters or hatched eggs per day lmao XD Maybe we need to do what Pokemon Go does and grind the excess into candy...)))

    • I feel like #1 and 2 are good ideas! limiting the number of animals you can breed in a day would be confusing for me personally, since i would still have to manage when my animals were ready to breed as well. I already don't have a lot of stables for my AH villagers, and i think that's part of why i haven't been able to mass produce quite as much as some others. I also feel like breeding charges would be useful, so male animals wouldn't be as disposable as they are currently, and females wouldn't be kept in ever growing harems. My only question for #1 is: what would happen to an animal that runs out of breeding charges? does it just disappear or can you choose to release it or keep it in your menagerie for looks?

    • All of the options have their good points, but given the worker limit enacted in the last site update, I think it would be better to avoid stable limits. That way, a player can still invest workers in animal husbandry while not dealing a serious blow to the other professions. This is of course assuming that a player would desire to be mostly self-sustained.

      I feel that account daily breeding limits and individual creatures' breeding charges are the better route to go. I'd say go no fewer than five breeding charges, even for common and uncommon animals. And worst case scenario, the amount of breeding charges can be lowered in a different update.

    • I like the potion idea but I agree that the ingredients would need to be more accessible to all villages.

      Limiting stables won't do much. Many people already use storage and inventory for all their breeding stock.

    • None of these are really appealing to me since AH is basically the only thing I focus on in this game and I don't want the career to be restricted but if I had to choose, I'd go for breeding limits/day or week or whatever. I absolutely do not want number one. I feel like people would just mass dump pets once they're useless for breeding, and I don't like the idea of having to calculate which pets to breed this time and which pets to save, etc. Too much math for a game I prefer to relax with.

    • Additionally, my vote is for #2, limiting the amount of stables each villager can have. With the painfully low chance to breed uncommon or higher color pets, limiting the number of times each pet or user can breed would just make the process much more painful and tedious.

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    • Looking again at your options I want to point out 2 and 3 don't solve common/uncommon animals having almost no value. If you can only have so many stables/breed so many animals that means you only have a limited amount of space/use for so many breeders meaning once you reach that small cap the commons/uncommons are utterly useless. Sure people are breeding less of them, but they are also using less of them. Meanwhile as I mentioned before option 1 just changes useless animals to those who have used their breeding charges. I really think you guys are looking from this from the wrong angle.