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Morphing Potion Changes

Posted by Deinmaar on 3 Nov 2016, 9:27 pm


In an effort to breathe new life in to the Alchemist Career, we’ve decided on making some small tweaks to the Species Morphing Potions and the Villager creation process in the near future. While we do not have an exact date for the roll out of this change yet, we are making this announcement so that you can be prepared for what is coming.

The upcoming changes will be as follows:

-Creating a new Villager will be limited to the first three colors released per species.

--The remaining colors and any future additions will be available via the Species Morphing Potions.
--The randomized nature of the Species Morphing Potions will be removed, allowing you to choose the color you'd like to apply to your Villager. As such, the feature allowing you to refine the Morphing Potion at the Alchemist will be removed as it is no longer necessary.

In the future we are also looking forward to the release of Limited Edition Colors for Villagers that will be obtainable via other means, such as upcoming events. These Limited Colors will not be available through the regular Species Morphing Potions. There will be more details to come on this portion of the update as they are made available.

Our hope is that these changes will add a valuable new facet to the Species Morphing Potions and the Alchemist Career!

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    • I have a fox potion, but when I choose to use it on any villager, I'm only given the option of turning them into a red fox. Is that supposed to happen? Can I get some help?

    • What about the random "species morphing potion"?

      If you go to the alchemist shop, can you control what species it changes you into?

    • SO EXCITED for this!

    • Eh, I'll have to get another smilidon before it becomes tougher...

    • Nice!

    • ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. i mean if most of the players are happy then w/e it's cool but i dont rlly like it myself lmao whoops

    • This is a fantastic idea. And a perfect way to get more interest in the whole alchemist career.
      Thank you for going for something that will truly help with the game. :}

    • This is actually a nice idea. A good way to bring morphing potions for non-special species to use and the Alchemist pets will be happy to have a job!

    • I like this update, but also which it can be added to the wardrobe

    • I love the plan to limit the starter colors! It makes normal villager skins a bit more valuable. :> Would it be possible to limit the species somehow as well? Like, we already have our limited "special" village species, but it would be kinda cool for like... Dragons and raptors to be a little bit limited as well. Such as making the potions easier to create for the ones you can't have in the starter character creation.