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Daylight Savings

Posted by Staff on 6 Nov 2016, 2:06 am


We just wanted to let you all know that we are aware of the glitches being caused by the time adjustment for Daylight Savings. All the Staff is doing their very best to get everything back to proper working order so please be patient with us. We are going to advise players to try and keep their activity to a minimum during this time just to be safe.


After a look through it appears that things are back to normal now but if you come across any new or unresolved issues please let us know.

Also, if you have a thread that ended up being put through the blender during the glitched time, it can be locked and removed at the OP's request, please just ping a Mod to your thread to get that taken care of.

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    • This seems like a good adjustment to the time. It's helpful to know things will be changed or re-arranged for daylight savings time..

    • FlashHound To be fair when someone says pounds I think of the weight measure too, unless I happen to be importing from amazon.uk XD

    • Kijame Yes. We Americans don't use the Metric measurement system. So if I fly out to Great Britain and someone local in Great Britain says "Pounds" to me, I'll instinctively think of weight instead of money.

    • FlashHound Well if there's one thing we learned about measurements (be they time or space), America loves to do it a little different from the rest of the world XD

    • Kijame I completely agree since Great Britain's DST change, as you said, was last week.

    • thanks for keeping us notified! I won't be taming that rare animal..

    • Looks like I missed a bit of fun XD We had DST change last week so it took a bit getting used to career resets moving from uneven hours (for me) to even hours. Now it's the same old again eh?

    • Thanks for keeping up with us! It may be better to simply keep the website off of daylight savings time if it's possible to keep it from flipping back and forth.

    • Ah, this explains why my exploration buttons were messed up. I thought it was some type of punishment.
      It seems to be resolved now though.

    • So that's why the medicine I was making still had 17 minutes left on it even after I was away from the computer for over an hour, and why my seeds that were due to harvest when I got back were not done yet. I thought I was losing my mind or something! I'm in the UK and our clocks went back last Sunday, so I didn't even think about it being DST related.