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Protection Quotient is Back

Posted by Staff on 26 Nov 2016, 11:55 pm


EDIT: This update has been temporarily delayed but we will have it up and running ASAP. Thanks for your patience everyone!

Hi there, just a quick announcement!

It's that time again folks, to prepare for Furvilla to open for the public, the Protection Quotient has been re-activated. Please be advised that the quotient has been set to take into account any Warriors that have been active in the last 24 hours.

Everyone get out there and protect your Villages, it's time to work together to kick a little Monster butt!

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    • They should definitely take into account what MariahKat says. That is what makes the most sense. I am online when most people are offline (aka 9pm- 4am FV time) and I'd hate to have all my workers nerfed just because everybody else is offline? that doesn't even make sense and hardly seems fair. also some people make full use of all their villagers and may swap their careers once in a while, why should their warriors count towards the total active warriors if they aren't even warriors for that 2 specific hours? =/ just because they've been warrioring for 2 hours they count towards the whole day? they wouldn't even be able to help with the protection quotient while they take on another job.

    • I unfortunately do not see this going well. I wasn't online when it was originally active but it seems to me like nothing was likely fixed. I do not see this going very well at all.

    • Suggestion: Why not make it only count warriors active within the same 2 hours instead of all day? Imagine if someone got online for just a moment and left the rest of the day and had like 10 warriors active. Now imagine MANY users doing that. That doesn't sound very good.

    • Okay, so we have 3 or 4 days to test a feature that was taken out near the beginning of beta because it wasn't working then? Great.

    • Good thing you're not taking the warriors from inactive accounts into effect.

    • I do hope the Protection Quotient takes into account that not all critters who currently are warriors are also able to work. Other than that I have been looking forward to this!

    • flashwolf - I don't think having more usable villagers would help this, because the problem is that using their definition the ratio between active warriors (have been active in the past _twenty-four_ hours) and battles won (within the last _two_ hours) isn't going to be improved by having _more_ warriors.

      Either educing the required ratio by a factor of about 10, or measuring battles won with the same sliding window as active warriors, it would still be a challenge... but at least it would be an _acheivable_ challenge.

    • How about you guys lift the ban on only having 10 active villagers first? Gosh. :(

    • This is not actually happening yet, according to http://www.furvilla.com/townhall/protection, it is still claiming the required quotient is five and that it is lifted.

      The actual figures are 624 "active" warriors and 285 battles won.

      It is unlikely, and probably mathematically impossible, for the protection quotient of 5 to be achieved. I suggested monitoring the actual figure and adjusting the required protection quota to what people were actually able to achieve, and setting it to *maybe* 0.5, and doing this during the beta instead of having it set to an impossible target on opening day.

      Because with a 24 hour sliding window for "active" warriors, and a recalculation every two hours, you would need at least half the "active" villagers running ALL their warriors at least once an hour to maintain a protection ratio of five. That's simply not maintainable for a casual game... and I suspect even an MMO where people are fighting continuously for hours doesn't maintain a five kills for every "active warrior" ratio.

      Hopefully you've actually been maintaining these statistics, because it's WAY too late in the beta to turn it on now.