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Guest Artist Battleground - The Cats are HERE!

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 20 Nov 2018, 6:46 pm


Hello my furry friends! Quinn here!

You may have noticed that in addition to our active site art contributors Kiwiggle , MOD-Shroomy , and LazyKat , we featured some artwork in the Harvest Festival from one of our active players, Tailgatescutebooty . No spoilers, but don’t be surprised if you see art of other styles featured similarly in the future.

While our site artists busily continue to produce our permanent site content, we are happy to announce our first Featured Guest Artist Battleground, the aptly named Cat Warriors.

The furry monsters in this battleground were commissioned from an artist recruited from the community outside Furvilla, Spain Fischer.

Borrowing straight from her biography, Spain is a “professional story artist, graphic novelist, and all around freelance artist”. She is the creator, writer and artist of Caterwall, a graphic novel which is the inspiration for this feline battleground.

The fluffy warriors you will encounter here have come a long way to visit us, so please entertain them with your warrior prowess while they are here. Maybe they’ll even give you gifts for your hospitality!

For more information about Spain and her art, visit her Twitter page: Spain's Twitter

And please, check out Book One of her graphic novel:

Caterwall Vol. 1: The Isle of Manx

These kitties won’t be here for very long, as they have to go home when the year turns. But they may come back some day, or perhaps others just as exotic will pass through. Who knows, its a big world out there. Why don’t we all explore it?! =D

Have fun everyone. Peace, love, and acorns!

- Quinn

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    • RedlaSunShowers029

      It's a tricky thing to balance - but overall, a lot of people I've talked to seem happy with the difficulty; I've been advised to not nerf them, for once!

      I am concerned about accessibility - so I could possibly increase the variance on the cats, but I don't think I can outright bring down their stats - yet - at least. They'll be around for awhile, so I need to be careful with nerfs.

    • Dear, dear RedlaSunShowers029 ! Even the Harbinger was terrified!



      However, Admin-Wisteria is the one to talk to about taming the kitties. Even I am fearful of the felines! I am not quite sure any of us are brave enough to try.

    • Owner-Aspen Owner-Quinn Hope you guys don’t mind he pings. Um, if it wouldn’t be too much to ask is there any chance the battlefield could be nerfed a bit? Even with my lvl 20 warriors I’m struggling immensely.

    • In the battlegrounds, could their please be a lower level? For players that don't have the weapons for level 20. This locks you out! Please make a lower level of the Cat Warriors, . :(

    • Peace, love, unicorns, baby ducks, and now acorns.

      My life is complete.

    • I'd love to participate but, I've never been able to defeat high level warriors.

    • =O WOOOOOWWWWW!!! This is all very exciting! =^,^= now I know what the explorer event was referring to when they said the Cats were coming!

    • Cats!!! Now if only I could defeat just one of them! ><

    • MZZA

      I've been trying to mix it up with the accessibility, but having weaker versions of these NPCs doesn't really fit their character; they're meant to be powerful fighters.

      It's not out of the question to outright nerf them over the next few days, though; I'd still like people to have a chance to fight them at their intended difficulty before doing so, however.