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Midwest FurFest!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 30 Nov 2018, 10:53 am


Hello, everyone!

We have some news for those attending Midwest FurFest this weekend! We have obtained a limited amount of merchandise from previous ownership and made arrangements to have it available at the convention. You may purchase Furvilla plush and keychains at table E15, run by artist Mary Mouse. You may also pick up a FREE Furvilla button and shopping bag! All of these items are available while supplies last. Plushes also come with a code for an in-game version! Please give your username at the time of purchase, and your code will be PMed to your account by December 7th.


Mary is the artist of the 90-day streak Furvilla Fan Badge, and will have some of those badges available at the con. If you haven’t recived your badge, you may give a booth worker your username and you can pick up your badge in person without waiting for us to ship it to you. Your badge will then be marked as shipped in our database. (Other badge orders will begin shipping in December, after we confirm addresses).

Finally, you may also give your username to recieve a code for the Furvilla convention trophy! Trophy codes will be delivered to your account via PM before December 7th.


Please note that we are aware that some of you would like to order Furvilla merchandise by mail. We have no plans to order or ship any merch just yet, as we are focusing on the site itself. When the time comes to have merch available again, we will announce it loudly!

To those attending the con, have fun and stay safe!

- Aspen -

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    • I never got mine

    • i still dont recived ;c

    • I had a great time at MFF, it was great getting to meet Mary Mouse! :D I kinda regret not buying all three different plushies now lol!

    • Thank you! I got all the goodies :)

    • Marionette no worries! I will make another news post when things get moving so please stay tuned!

    • Owner-Aspen ok thanks! My vision kinda sucks here and there right now so I had to squint - thanks for the confirmation!

    • Manah of course! Thanks for your patience. <3

    • Owner-Aspen
      That makes me feel a lot better, thank you for your transparency <3

    • I wish i had money to get to a con, its always been one of my dreams, maybe i will have luck some day ^w^

    • Apparently my name was recognized when my friend went to pick up some stuff for me

      I both felt cool and absolutely terrified RIP.