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December Is Here!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 1 Dec 2018, 5:29 pm


December has arrived and with it comes the new monthly goodies and coldness!

New Minipets

The December FD Pets are here! Let's see what we have for this month...


First we have the Wreathdeer! How festive!


Aww...they just wanna help! It’s the Decosaur! Please let them help...


Cozy Badgers! I wonder where they got such well made sweaters...

FD Pets can be obtained from the FurDollar Emporium. They have five day breeding cool downs and are available for breeding until January 1st.

December Feast Minipets



The December 2018 Seeds are here! Time to take a peek at what we have for this month...

Dragonsmaw Manor: 4073-sinister-poinsetter-seed.png4064-english-poinsetter.png

Oceandome: 4072-aquatic-poinsetter-seed.png4066-german-shorthaired-pointer-poinsett

Olde Foxbury: 4071-armoured-poinsetter-seed.png4065-wirehaired-griffon-poinsetter.png

Quetzal Palace: 4069-radiant-poinsetter-seed.png4067-brittany-poinsetter.png

Tigereye Peak: 4070-frozen-poinsetter-seed.png4068-weimaraner-poinsetter.png


Lots of fun stuff happening this month, 2nd Annifursary of Furvilla is fast approaching and we’re all looking forward to celebrating with you!

You can expect to see some contests open up mid month and run through mid January so start preparing to get creative and win some prizes.

And Mayor Polaria would like me to remind everyone that Tigerseye Peak is getting ready for the year’s festivities and can’t wait to enjoy the Snow Festival will all of Furvilla!

I am cold and need cocoa stat, stay warm everyone!

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    • my wallet? emptied. my inventory? full. why? decosaurs.

    • Decosaur omg so cute!!

    • Arguably, the sweater badgers are the best pets we've ever had. ;>

    • woAH, two years already? gosh *o*

      (and the cozy badgers uwu)

    • Ohhhh my favourite dog breed ;A; I need the weim so bad

    • (Looking the village icon ) So…uh…

    • Oh goody! Look how festive everything is!!!

      aaaa I LOVE THEM

    • Hell yes its time to get FESTIVE