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Info & Costume Poll!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 1 Jan 2019, 11:08 pm


Just a quick reminder that the Snow Festival, Annifursary Event, and Cat Battlegrounds will all be closing down in a little less than an hour, we hope you all had fun with them! And first of the month items are slightly delayed but we will have them out ASAP and will be sure that everyone gets their full month of breeding out of the FDE pets.

Poll Time!

We're interested in getting your opinions on a future Beast Costume Base addition! Click the link below to vote for your favorite choice!


Have Fun Everyone!

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    • "The events will be closing in less than an hour! So if you just come by to check the site every day, TOO BAD!"

    • I voted Raptor because now I am so curious to see how a were-bird would turn out lol

    • No Snuffle Option :(
      Oh well, Bovines are also cool

    • Sad I was hoping for a Wickerbeast Beast hahahaha

    • I'm wondering when the icy antlers will stop dropping. I've only managed to produce nothing but robes and crystals

    • I hope for a beast crow someday, but a raptor sounds epic. *o*

    • Taki_Wolf from my understanding, they will still be openable. they've always been after each snow festival ended and could be opened year round.

    • aww I was hoping there would be a beast croc option! I've been wanting to see that since I joined in beta. Guess more waiting haha.

    • gembound beast costume will make me start LIVING in 2019 please

    • Aww no bat beastie ;w;