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Birthday Gifts & Other Info!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 4 Jan 2019, 4:47 pm


Hello all, just stopping by to bring you a quick announcement about the 2019 Furvilla user birthday gifts, as well as a few other things so please read carefully...Alongside the normal Paintie Ticket, this year we are giving you guys fun little gift boxes! Inside you will find a Magic Birthstone Chibi Gem Raptor sticker, a birthstone themed birthday crown, a birth month flower button, and a keepsake Birthday Cake!





If you had a birthday before this new box was released (January 1st through January 3rd) and did not receive your gift, please click below and send a PM letting us know!

PM AdminAssistant for MISSED GIFT!


This is a warning to expect some downtime tomorrow, January 5th, around Noon Furvilla Time for database work! Thank you for your patience!

Snow Festival Trophy

We had an awesome time celebrating the annual Snow Festival with everyone, be sure to grab your event trophy from the link!

Shiny Trophy!

Have A Great Day Everyone!

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    • oh well no bigy, I'll wait til net january.

    • I didn't get one :(
      Igot so busy in other stuff I could get it in time :(

    • Looks cool! Sadly I won’t be able to get it until my next birthday which isn’t until December... so close!

    • I love the trophy for the Snow Festival <3 and thank you so much for the heads up about the downtime for maintainence! Really appreciate it c;

    • Can't wait to get my gift box in May!

    • i have to wait all the way till next december. great.

    • Ooh im excited, my birthday is in 4 days (almost 3 now)

    • ohhh god im so excited for may.. an emerald gem raptor.... yesssssssss

    • Oooo can't wait for mine, birthday flowers are a p rad choice this year!!

    • I love that flower button! Hopefully August's will be as cute as that one... Don't really know what mine is.