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48 Hour Warning

Posted by Staff on 4 Dec 2016, 6:06 pm


Hi everyone, just stopping by to talk to you about another step to prepare for our official site opening on December 7th! To start everyone off with a clean slate, we will be wiping all content from the forums and doing a bit of restructuring.

This News post is your 48 HOUR WARNING, the forums will be closed and wiped at Midnight Furvilla Time on December 7th so please be sure to collect and save all content that you do not want to lose. Once the forum clean up is complete you will be allowed to re-create any threads that you need to and resume your normal activity.

Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!

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    • you can just copy the content of your post and paste it in

    • like everyone else im wondering if our post counts will be wiped or not.

    • is there a way to save forums? i'm pretty new to all this and i just made an commission forum ;;

    • I'm all for this though my only worry is losing the ones where ppl from forever ago still owe me paid commissions... :(

      And like a lot of others I also wannna know if we'll be losing our forum count. I'll be super sad to see that go if we do since wow for the first time every on a pet site i actually used the forums...

    • Goodbye sweet discourse

    • im super excited about this, itll be a really nice feeling to start fresh after everything thats happened, glad I couldve been here for it all but still, it sure was a ride. Time to watch the newcomers make all the same mistakes we did B)

    • The forums were ready for a cleaning I think; nice to start a new slate even if its a little tedious to remake a few threads

    • D:

    • I actually dont mind
      this will give me a reason to get off my lazy bum and remake, improve and update all the commision and adopt threads I let die.

      i just hope I dont loose my post count. cause uh... I take pride in having like, the most posts of anyone here x3

    • The only threads that I'm not super thrilled about getting deleted are the ones from months ago where people still owe me commissions I paid for :')