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48 Hour Warning

Posted by Staff on 4 Dec 2016, 6:06 pm


Hi everyone, just stopping by to talk to you about another step to prepare for our official site opening on December 7th! To start everyone off with a clean slate, we will be wiping all content from the forums and doing a bit of restructuring.

This News post is your 48 HOUR WARNING, the forums will be closed and wiped at Midnight Furvilla Time on December 7th so please be sure to collect and save all content that you do not want to lose. Once the forum clean up is complete you will be allowed to re-create any threads that you need to and resume your normal activity.

Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!

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    • R.I.P. to the great arguments ive been in

    • Alright well...

      *goes to save the google doc page for free bases AND Notepad all her sprite requests*

    • tfw you accidentally hit post
      good i guess? it's probably not the best if newbies see old threads but at the same time, art shops and paintie shops getting deleted is kinda :/

    • good

    • sweet jesus, and the art shops????
      I'm still waiting!!!

    • I see. Goodbye old posts that other people regret, You will be missed.

    • ...Seriously.

    • Oh dear,,

      I guess the Discourse weapons will be our memory of all the forums being wiped ha

    • if forum guides won't be kept (like msjanny is talking about) then will the official guides under the help section be updated? there are plently of format errors, typos, and out of date information...

    • Wish you could keep the stuff like art threads. Mainly stuff in the art sections, really. Everything else can go.