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Posted by Admin-Wisteria on 16 Jan 2019, 8:34 pm


The Owls have arrived!


You'll find the easier opponents in the Owl Conclave, which is available to warriors over level 5. These opponents are intended to be of moderate difficulty.

Further afield, you'll find stronger opponents in the Owl Council battleground. This battleground costs twice as much to enter, but drops loot at roughly 2.1x the rates of the conclave. These foes are not for the faint of heart, however!


You may find the items themselves in the battleground, but you can also collect 6 of these feathers to craft a random item using a recipe.

The recipe, however, seems to have been mixed up somewhere. We're not sure where it has got to!

These battlegrounds will be available until February the 7th.


Icy Antlers will be retiring on the 20th of January. If you still need to collect them, be quick about it!


Finally, you'll be able to craft (and find) Tiger's Eye Dew - Furvilla's favourite drink! It's what furries crave!

You can use this item from your inventory to restore 1500 HP & 2 charges to a warrior.

It's easy to make so get cooking!

That's all for now!

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    • Owner-Aspen Thank you so much for letting me know! I’ll be excited to see those added.

      And I gotcha there; I haven’t been able to touch the higher grounds so I’ve been sticking to lower, but it seems like a number of users (myself included) are having some significant struggles with even the lower tier enemies. I only have a warrior or two who seems able to best them. What I was wondering is if there could be an additionally lower and easier to work with tier that’s a bit less vexing as well? I’d love to use my warriors to their fullest but with the current setup and power of the enemies it’s beyond challenging. I don’t want to take out the fun for those who like the competition aspect but it’d be good to give some less developed / equipped warriors a chance too to balance things out!

    • RedlaSunShowers029 the dew is on the todo list, but to make a long story short, the code that is involved with the warrior page is a bit broken. It will require a bit more work to add the dew (and things like wax lips) and our coder is currently working on some other things. One thing I am learning about FVs code is a simple change really isn’t so simple... we are working to streamline a lot of back end things.

      As for the owls. The lvl 5 grounds were made purposefully easy after the cats were intended to be difficult. The lvl 15 grounds were made purposefully ridiculously hard. There is no advantage to beating the higher ground at all. They all drop the same things at the same rates (proportional to charges/time it takes to beat them). I highly recommend sticking to the lesser grounds, as you will end up with more loot that way anyway. I can’t even beat the higher ground... I would say they are there for flavor more than anything. We are aware of the discussion over these two grounds, and will consider all the feedback for the future! Thanks for the input!

    • Owner-Aspen Owner-Quinn Heya! Two questions.

      First, I’m curious if the Tiger’s Eye Dew could be codes so it shows up in the warrior menu, similarly to the candycorn?

      Also! Seems like given earlier comments I’m not the only one who thinks some of the owls might need some heavy nerfing. I feel like the Conclave should be lvl 15+, lvl 20-ish for the council. Something much easier for lvl 5, to increase player accessibility.

      Would that by any chance be possible? Let me know and thanks!

    • Anyone got a good build with all the owl items and what to use to help them be less debilitating to the user?

    • Apparently my lvl 17 warrior gets two-shoted by a level 10 owl in the conclave. -_- My attacks didn't even amount to a total of 10 damage! Way OP, I think.

    • What are the Icy Antlers for?

    • Those owl items are just beautiful! :)
      Though I wish that there were a difficulty somewhere between one/two-shotting everything in the Conclave and being unable win a single fight in the Council

    • Ok, so moderate means that my lvl 17 warrior cant beat lvl 14 enemies?

    • Owl Council is really hard, all owls just kill my warrior with one blow

    • way overpowered. If it is a 5 plus battlefield and a level 20 cannot even do 1\4 of their hp down on opponents less than half their level, how is a level 5 supposed to?