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Birthday Party's Over!

Posted by AdminAssistant on 25 Jan 2019, 7:38 pm

Hello everyone!

Please stop messaging AdminAssistant for missed birthday gifts, the compensation only applied to people who missed their gifts on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of January due to the new gifts having been implemented at a later date!

If you are one of the people who had their birthday on one of these aforementioned dates but you haven't gotten your gift yet, please file a report!

Please remember that you have to be online on the day of your birthday to be able to claim your gift! Birthday gifts that were missed due to user error will NOT be compensated!

Have a wonderful day!

☀ MOD-Thaleia ☀

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    • BCPhantom
      Staff weren't ignoring the problem, they actually went into the forums and made a few news posts and changelogs addressing the issue and encouraging people to send in a report, all while they had just gotten a new coder who had to go in and fix the issues that was left behind by the old coder

      Just because you didn't care to pay enough attention to see it doesn't mean staff wasn't doing their best to help anyone who was affected by the bug

    • I think there would be less confusion if the birthday notification hadn't been bugged for months last year, and many people never got their gifts to begin with, despite being logged in. I know I didn't. I never bothered sending in a report because I don't care enough.

      But if someone new and find out there are supposed to be birthday gifts but never got one because the system was bugged, and they only just found out now and feel they deserve something, you can't blame them for sending in messages. You should have fixed the system way earlier and not ignored the problem.

    • Reading the comments, I'm thinking a number of people don't realize that the birthday gifts aren't anything new. They've been here since early beta. The reason why the other news announcement was made was because the new birthday items weren't added in until the 3rd, so if someones birthday was on those dates above, they couldn't have gotten anything as nothing was there. Any other date, something was already there and waiting.

      And as for having more time to pick up the birthday gift... most companies don't give away actual things away for free. Most of them give you "birthday discounts", of which you have to spend money in order to actually make use of it, or you're already paying for some kind of service and so them giving you something for free is in their best interest. I can safely assume most FV users don't pay for anything on here, so I'm more or less impressed that even with the new owners, they've decided to keep giving away things for free for users birthdays. In fact, it's even more than the old owner, which is even more impressive to me.

      So be thankful for what you have, not what you don't have. If you're not able to login on your birthday due to having plans, it's most likely because you're surrounded by friends and/or family. Not everyone even gets that for their birthday.

    • Pretty much every other company that provides a birthday gift either ships it on your birthday (if it's physical) or allows you the whole month to pick it up (if it's a service like a free meal). I've never heard of a free birthday gift that you have to actually log on that day to pick it up.

    • Last year, I also forgot to log on on my 24th due to being excited for a weekend long camping trip. It really is /not/ unfair to wait until next year if one forgot to logon or claim the birthday gift. If you forgot, you forgot and that's not at all the site's fault or problem tbh

    • Chances are most people might not be here at by next year, but hey, cheers to those who got something.

    • So that kinda suck since not everyone is online to claim their gift. I was away with family all day celebrating my 21st and had forgotten about it, it's not really fair that people now have to wait until next year to receive their gift.

    • Why not have birthday presents wait as users are often with family on those days and cant alwys to get to one.

    • I’ll have to wait until next December until I can get my present...My birthday was just last month a few days short of the announcement!