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Capsule of Captivating Mystery!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 9 Mar 2019, 11:18 pm


Hi everyone!

We have a new type of item debuting in the FurDollar Emporium today, the Capsule of Captivating Mystery!


Capsules are 150 FurDollars each and contain various prizes, some of which can award even more prizes!


PLEASE NOTE. The above item, Space Chase, is a map item that can only be used by an explorer. Once your explorer villager "reads" the comic, it will be consumed from your inventory. However, once you get to the end of the story, you will have the option to keep the comic or choose another item instead.

What will you get in your Capsule of Captivating Mystery?

- Aspen -

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    • Dubstep In some countries despite the fact that you always get an item no matter what, loot boxes are still considered gambling and illegal because of the random chance aspect. Games that feature them where they are illegal, the loot boxes can't be purchased directly (ex. In Overwatch where loot boxes are illegal in China, players can only get them as gifts when they buy in-game currency) or can't be purchased at all. Some games are completely unavailable to people in those countries where they are banned.

      Some companies have been fined in those countries because of the loot boxes.

      That's why people are voicing concerns about this new item. The same could be said for the pet boxes too.

    • Loot boxes... Big no. It has people become addicted to gambling, even more there are kids on this site. Also, legally it is fast becoming shaky in a lot of countries.

    • sigh, and the items really had me excited too... :/

    • We really need a gacha that takes Furcash. Not only because everyone has Furcash, but also to fight inflation amd get currency removed from the site's economy.

      I love all the items though! Might have to try for one of those lollipops at some point!

    • Dubstep Yeah, I’m only asking because some of the “loot crate” selling games have been getting legal stuff recently. And the pet boxes do guarantee you a pet of a certain species, if not the color, so it is less random. I just don’t want to see a site I enjoy get in trouble! FV is probably too small/niche to get that kind of hassle though, tbh. Anyway, I hope everyone who can afford these things gets stuff they enjoy! <3

    • Ah man, guess that's what I get for being excited about these items..

      I'm not against this site trying to make more money, but I have to say..
      I agree with what some people are saying here, and InuYasha kinda manages to explain why I personally don't like it too much lol

    • I dont like these mystery boxes... too much like gambling where I only have bad luck. While you know what you get in FD pet boxes (a certain pet which only differs in sex and color), you dont know what you get out of those capsules. Is it something useful or not? Will you have tons of lollipops and no comic? Well, ok, you can have the same with the pet boxes, sure... but you need only two pets, regardless of their sex and color. Use a breeding potion and your local breeder... and soon you will have all possible pets in your stables. Now try to mate a lollipop with a cowboy hat to get something else...

    • Really want that dino or hat.

    • Thursdayschild
      Really? Because FD pet boxes also use the random chance mechanic and have been going on since 2017, not to mention hundreds of online games sell mystery chests and similar things for real money with no issue