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New Pocket Sized Villagers!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 12 Apr 2019, 6:57 pm


Hello all! Some new Chibi Villager Stickers have popped up in the FurDollar Emporium! We hope that you all enjoy the new additions!


Happy Spring!

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    • oh my godddd i NEED the shark, it's beautiful!

    • i had a mini heart attack-

      god the panda, shark and goat are so cute!!

    • All of them are absolutely adorable!!!

    • I love them all! Especially the goat, the skink and the shark! I have been wondering when all of these five species would get each get a sticker of their own, it brought joy to my day to see the news. C;

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    • Goats, sharks, AND corvids?! It's a dream come true! *sniff!*

    • CRYING over the Panda and Shark, this is my dream come true <3 They're amazing!

    • Pocket Goat!!! Sooo CUTE =) the lil birdie as adorable too. Lovely artwork <3