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Happy Easter!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 21 Apr 2019, 1:27 pm


Happy Easter!

Please enjoy a gift from Furvilla, this pair of roly-poly Easter Eggadillos!



You will receive 2 pets using this code, but you may need to trade with each other or use breeding potions to get the pair you desire.

Enjoy your new friends, and have a wonderful day! Make the coming week special for you and those around you.

- Aspen -

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    • Saeran Growlithe

      The way that free item codes are coded is different from the part of the feast that gives one of each pet, and doesn't give us much control. When we did the feast fixes, I specifically asked for the prizes to be one of each. Being able to specify the sex of the pet through codes is also something that we need to have done by our coder. It's on the to-do list!

      In the meantime, please bare with us on these free gift pets. :)

    • So cute!!! Thank you so much for the lovely roly polys ^=^ I hope you had a Happy Easter!

    • I agree with Saeran, I feel like it is definitely possible for them to do since this has been done with the feast pets, since the revamp, for 2 months straight, I have received a proper pair of each rarity of feast pets, and with the lack of users seeking trades, I definitely feel they've made it so that people receive a proper pair of each mini pet so people no longer need to trade, why not do the same for these?

    • they always say u can trade them to get the pair you desire...wouldn't it.. just be easier to give a male and female?

    • They are adorable! Thank you staff ♡

    • adorable! ty ♥