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Scrap Everything! New Art! New Friends!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 27 May 2019, 5:47 pm


Hello everyone!

I have a few small tidbits to share with you today!

Scrapping Changes

Starting now, both Common and Limited equipment can be scrapped by your Blacksmith. While Commons will yield just 1 lonely hunk of Rusted Steel, Limited equipment will yield 1-3 pieces of Mystic Golden Ore!

So mystical... so golden...

Mystic Golden Ore will soon have an exciting use. Let's just say we've been making threats to happily chatting with a certain traveling hyena to coax some equipment-upgrading secrets out of him. Hopefully we will be able to force convince him to share those secrets with your Blacksmiths.

Please note! You will encounter an extra confirmation page while scrapping Limited equipment. Please be absolutely sure that you wish to scrap the selected equipment before proceeding. Once it's gone - it's gone! You may need to press ctrl+F5 or refresh your browser's cache when you scrap for the 1st time after this update.

You may also wish to save up your... um... Pink.

Old Items Made New!

In case you've missed the recent update to the changelog, we are currently looking through older items that share duplicate art with other items. Starting with crystals, we are rolling out recolored (and in some cases re-drawn) artwork. We hope this helps you to visually distinguish between items and also makes Furvilla a more interesting place.


Weapon Crystal: Tremendous Power, Weapon Crystal: Misfortune, Armour Crystal: Charm, Superior Light Trinket, Aeron's Folly, Lightning Form Amulet

Please note! You may need to press ctrl+F5 or refresh your browser's cache to see these new images!

You may also now search the item types "Crystal" and "Scrap" in the Item Museum, User Stalls and your own inventory.

A Warm Welcome!

Finally, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to our new coder, coder-twister ! We are so excited to have him working with us on the Furvilla team!

MOD-Palrex and MOD-Certes have also joined us, and we are delighted to have them on board.

I do hope everyone is enjoying the Olde Foxbury festival! Have a wonderful upcoming week.

- Aspen -

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    • well this seems like an amazing update, can't wait to see the new stuff for the blacksmiths

      the new staff bois have cool names

    • Awesomness :D Glad to see new staff members.
      And ohh, good thing I'm already guarding a dragon's hoard of pink vials. XD

    • auroradragon93 You may need to press ctrl+F5 or refresh your browser's cache when you scrap for the 1st time after this update.

    • i'm confused. why won't it let me scrap anything? i clicked "begin scrapping" on my blacksmith, but nothing comes up.

    • My storage will be freed up quite a bit after today!

      Also, heyo new mods and coder........
      How long's this coder staying with us? ^.=.^

    • Excited to be here!!

      Please try hard refreshing (Ctrl + F5).

    • I'm super excited for item art updates! Crystals were a nightmare before so I really love the effort to distinguish them from one another ;w;

    • I don't understand how to scrap things I go to my blacksmith and click scrap but it only explains what it does but won't let me scrap anything?

    • I want to extend my welcome greetings to coder-twister , MOD-Palrex , and MOD-Certes ! They're all great extensions to the team and we are very much looking forward to working with them. We've had the chance to work and meet with Twister, and we are very confident he will do a great job for Furvilla. He's even been willing to teach a squirrel a thing or two! =D