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Happy Summer, Furvilla!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 21 Jun 2019, 8:50 pm


Happy First Day of Summer!
(In the Northern Hemisphere, that is!)

We are having a little Summer shindig that won't be complete without you. I've sent Quinn out to deliver invitations... so hopefully he will catch up with you while you are out exploring.

Be on the lookout!

We have all sorts of goodies to share with each other at the Furvilla Summer Picnic! Come hang out with some of our pals and enjoy some yummy treats, all summer long!

4799-picnic-basket.png 4800-pear.png 4801-peanut-butter-and-jelly-sandwich.pn
4802-tiger-fiz.png 4806-cinnamon-fire-swirl-lollipop.png

Now, don't panic, but I've heard a rumor about... ants. Luckily, it seems they are mostly hanging out in the battlegrounds though, so hopefully they won't come mess up our picnic. I sure would appreciate any willing warriors having a look, though. Whatever food you find there is yours to keep!

4804-battle-ant.png 4804-battle-ant.png 4804-battle-ant.png

Rounding Out Pride Month With New Buttons!

We have some new buttons to help let others know your preferred pronouns. You may pick them up in the recycle shop now for a mere 100FG each!

4807-pronoun-ask-button.png 4810-theythem-pronoun-button.png4809-sheher-pronoun-button.png
4808-hehim-pronoun-button.png 4812-any-pronoun-button.png

Furvilla's Summer Convention Schedule & Merchandise Coming Soon!

Furvilla has a big summer planned on the convention scene. We will have a small presence at the following conventions:

Anthrocon - July 4-7th, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Denfur - August 2-4th, Denver Colorado
Megaplex - August 9-10th, Orlando Florida

Look for our stuff in the dealer's room at artist Mary Mouse's table. We have some new merchandise that will making its debut, including door hangers, villager badges and sticker packs. Stop by and ask for your free convention trophy!

And before you ask... Yes, these new items will be available for purchase online for shipment worldwide later this summer! More information will be coming in the next several weeks.

We've also come up with a little starter pack for new players that meet us at conventions. This Furvilla Supply Crate has some shiny things inside to give a little boost to a player just starting out, but there may be a thing or two inside that a veteran may enjoy as well. Every current player gets a free supply crate too!

A certain Royal Fox claims that there may be something good inside... who will be brave enough to open it first?

That's all for this update. I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend, and watch out for ANTS!

- Aspen -

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    • YES! NOW everyone get to bask in the glorious hive of the Ant!

    • Omg this looks awesome! I’m planning to go to the zoo with my family tomorrow because the weather is so nice right now. :)

    • Curious as to the prospective end date for the festivities? I plan on grinding until then!

    • So fun!! Can't wait to start buying merch again!!
      Please consider coming to ANE, I would love to see Furvilla there!!

    • Sweet of y'all to add the orange and pink lesbian flag that's awesome!

    • Can we only access the picnic once or will we get more invitations??

    • Yay! I'm so happy for another food event! :D

    • I’m really enjoying the summer picnic stuff. I find it out that they pineapple seeds are in the battleground and not the underwater watermelon seeds. I feel like the watermelon seeds would make the most sense with the ants :p

    • Ohhhhh, fun stuff :0

    • mmm i love all the summer events... during winter in my country...