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Jousting Festival Contests Results (Yes! Finally!)

Posted by AdminAssistant on 18 Jul 2019, 4:53 pm


Hello everyone, I hope you're all enjoying the summer and the Furvilla Summer Picnic!

Very sorry about the delay for the results, we know you've been waiting for them but the ants kept us a bit busy with stealing our results so now that we have them, let's announce the winners of our Jousting Festival Contests!

Jousting Festival Paintie Contest

auroradragon93 #15614

Pinkapop #124314

Doomy #10705

My-Pet-Werewolf #25551

snafflewyrm #20990

Upon pming AdminAssistant , each winner will recieve:
A choice of free Paintie upload or a Paintie Ticket, a Golden Paintbrush Trophy and a choice of any 3 current or past FD Emporium Pet Boxes

Jousting Festival Writing Contest




Upon pming AdminAssistant , each winner will recieve:
A Contributor Trophy, 1000 FurDollars and a choice of 3 current or Retired FD Pet Boxes
Winning writing entries will be featured in a special section of the Knowledge Base

Jousting Festival Vista Contest

In first place: snafflewyrm#20990

In second place: Baelfin#35056

In third place: msjanny#7302

In fourth place: zueatrick#33870

For the winners of the Vista contest, your prizes will be sent shortly.
Winning vistas will be placed into the Recycling Shop.

Congratulations to all the winners and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!!!


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    • I'm guessing those vistas will be in the shop by the end of next month, yes?

    • Ochela They aren't in the recycling shop yet, that's why you can't see them! Stay on the lookout!

    • i saw that the winning vistas would be placed in the recycling shop , but is that for all the people because i havent seen them

    • How am I supposed to choose between Baelfin's and snafflewyrm's vistas ;~;

    • Those vistas look awesome!

    • congrats winners :)

    • Oh! I got 4th in the Vista contest, good job everyone else!!

    • I WON?!?!?!?!?!?! Holy shiznit I've never won any of these paintie contests before!! This is freaking awesome!

    • Wow. Now I want a vista.

    • Oooh yay! Congrats to everybody! I can't wait to test the vistas