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The Lion Warrior Costume is here!

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 22 Jul 2019, 1:42 am


"Hello friend,

In case you have forgotten my name, I am Priscilla.

As Chief Clawtooth's Master of Quill, I am responsible for crafting our people's attire. The Chief is most proud of his Lion Warriors.

Chief Clawtooth and Sage Ismene asked me to teach your people how to dress like our warriors. If you prove yourself truly worthy, you may even be blessed with your own lion spirit to guide you.

I have met one of your generous shopkeepers who has agreed to give out the patterns for free."


Heya! Quinn here!

Looks like we have a new costume you can craft!



The standard Lion Warrior Costume is similar in difficulty to craft as the other costumes. It gives you bonuses in warrior and explorer careers. You will need to craft a Lion Stone as part of the costume's recipe.



The premium Blessed Lion Warrior Costume is geared to those who really want to beef up their costume. It increases your maximum warrior charges by 10!

Also, you get a cool lion spirit!

It will take quite abit to craft, including the Lion Gem, which is currently only available in the FurDollar Emporium for 750 FD.


The recipes for both costumes as well as the Lion Stone are available at The Fair Exchange.

Short on ingredients? Don't fret! You can find them as drops in the Spirit Lions battlegrounds. Also, keep exploring!

Finally, want to make painties? Look here in the "Lion Warrior" folder for bases! Note that you can only use the line art for the spirit lions if you have a Blessed Lion Warrior Costume. However, you are free to draw your own background spirit for either costume!

- Hiker Quinn

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    • What's with the pay to win? We have to pay at least 7$ for a warrior or explored bonus?

    • what could have been one of the coolest new additions to customizing your villagers has become a cheap pay to win method and im really sad :( furvilla wtf

    • Side note, I dislike to show my face and out put an opinion due to fear or something but...

      Pay2Win? Just.... Just fuggin can't. Very... Very disappointed. Fat dislike.


    • Euuugh really yall are beating a dead horse carcass...... I'm sure everyone is tired of the warrior career... Please just give us something fun and not warrior based....
      I can see why people are getting brain numbed by all this.
      Everyone below me has amazing points, but I'm just gonna say this....

      This update. Sucks.

    • And this is why Im in the process of leaving FV :)
      Thanks for encouraging me

    • Released just in time for the Lion King remake

    • Not really certain how I think about this update. I was tentatively looking forward to seeing where this lion story was going to, and was already disappointed it's so heavily leaning on warrior careers and events. Now though it seems even less interesting for me to even try to obtain.
      Some people do not like the warrior career. Period. When are we getting something? :}

    • As much as I love the idea that we are allowed to draw a spirit ourselves, I have to say I'm not a fan of the FD version of the buff.
      If you're going to make one FD Buff you should make one for each costume or better yet add the Dragonsmaw Pies to the FD shop, that way we can get buffs without a costume.

    • Alekzy I'd assume as with any costume or species change, the painties have to all be cleared before it applies. If they're a shifty, maybe you could contact the mods and see if they'll change the costume over for you, in trade for an unused costume? It was a while back, but they were willing to do that with me as long as I was patient about it.