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Update on Lion Warrior Costume

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 22 Jul 2019, 3:52 pm


Quinn here.

As a heart to heart from myself and all of you, I want to sincerely say that I love this game and its community. Ultimately Furvilla is a game and as such it needs to be fun and fulfilling for its players. It also needs to sustain itself. As an owner, it is my responsibility to try to do what is best for the game, even if mistakes are inevitable.

With regards to the Lion Warrior Costume, the reaction has been strong enough that it would be unfair to ignore.

For those who have been around long enough to have witnessed its conception, the idea of the Lion Warrior Costume initially began as a custom order. However, it quickly came under the full financial responsibility and creative control of Furvilla and its staff. Furvilla paid for the artwork and made final decisions on implementation. ie, the Lion Warrior Costume and its associated items are an original Furvilla IP, as much as the gembound species.

While I was admittedly surprised by the force of reaction to the announced FD Emporium exclusivity of the Lion Gem, I completely understand the opinion that an item that gives an advantage, no matter how small, should not require an item that is an FD exclusive. Also, we don’t want to exclude people that have accumulated the other ingredients via gameplay expecting to eventually craft the full costume. I understand this and can relate.

Thus, we have decided to move forward with making the Lion Gem also craftable with reagents obtainable from gameplay. These will all be ingredients related to the Clawtooth theme, available via the Spirit Lions battlegrounds as well as associated explore events. We'll be actively assessing the drop rates for the various reagents needed.

Please be on the lookout for its recipe alongside the other related recipes in The Fair Exchange.

Furthermore, after evaluating relative values on the site, we have decreased the price of the Lion Gem from 750FD to 250FD. You do not need to purchase this gem if you wish to craft it instead. Those who purchased Lion Gems at the original price have been refunded the difference.

To summarize, there are two versions of the Lion Warrior Costume:
- The standard is on par with all other costumes in terms of difficulty to craft and has warrior and explorer buffs.
- The "blessed" version is more difficult to craft and effectively amounts to an aesthetic upgrade by unlocking the spirit lion, plus giving the equivalent of two warrior buffs.

Thank you all for playing. I don’t pretend to know what’s always best, but I am grateful for this opportunity to keep this game and community going.

- Quinn

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    • i've been gone for a while so i missed the drama but it's nice to see you taking the community's concerns seriously and seeing things from a player/consumer standpoint. thanks for caring about the game and the people who play it!

    • Oh nice, I dunno anything about this game tho

    • Thanks for being in touch and considerate with the community!

    • Thanks for listening to your consumers! The lion warrior costume isn't something I'm interested in but it's great to see a company listening to it's player base.

    • I’m personally not looking for the costume myself but I’m glad FV is listening to their players’ feedback! :)

    • You are amazing for listening to and responding to your fanbase in such a supportive way <3

    • I mean, now I have a reason to use the warrior career to get something I want... right?

    • Most sites have a clause that says anything you upload to them can be used at any time without notice by them if they want to, Neopets sure has that, maybe custom items are like that

    • I am glad you are changing the P2W thing with the gem (the price drop is also really kind) it really means a lot to people to be able to get the costume without real money involved ;uu; I love to see that you listen to the userbase and is transparent with us, it creates trust <3

      However, I must say all this focus on the Warrior career has me worried about the future of the Animal Husbandry one. I am intent on not breeding any more of my animals until the career is fixed. Wisteria made entire threads to talk to the community about the career and get feedback and so far nothing has happened to Animal Husbandry...

      Can we please not just focus on the Warrior career when there are issues with other careers? Please at least give us some kind of update if you are working on coding and changes for AH. It would definitely reassure me that AH is not being forgotten ;ww;