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Welcome Packs, Summer Battles, and Pinata Fun!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 30 Jul 2019, 10:00 pm


Updates are here, for players old and new!

Welcome to Furvilla, New Players!
Now, when a new player joins Furvilla, they are greeted by our very own Oracle during the tutorial!

I see all!

At the end of the tutorial, you are given a wonderful new box to help you start your Furvilla journey. This box is also available to all current players, by clicking the link below.

Full of surprises!


The box contains some slabs and seeds, as well as other starter items, but it also contains the following new items, to satisfy the seasoned Furvilla citizen...


Welcome boxes also contain a breeding potion and a pair of Brown Dromedaries, which are now breedable through the Animal Husbandry career!

Hi there!

To our new players, welcome to Furvilla, we hope you enjoy your stay here!

Summertime Battlegrounds Changes
We mentioned in a previous news post that the Golem battlegrounds would be back in Furvilla until September 23rd. However, we've decided to let them stick around forever in our new Mystic Caves and Mystic Depths battlegrounds. You can also visit the tiny golems in the new Mystic Gardens battleground for lower level warriors. All Mystic grounds are permanent battlegrounds, and feature art exclusively by our own MOD-Shroomy !

To make up for this change of plans, we've decided to let our friend, the Radical Golem's dreams come true. You can now fight this bad boy and his colorful ant pals in Fiery Invasion, which is scheduled to last until September 23rd.


By the way... have you been saving your orange, blue and green dye?

Keep an eye on our changelogs, as we will also be rotating in a number of battlegrounds throughout the year.

Mat's HERE!

Hey guys, Mat here, just hijacking part of Aspen’s news post to bring you my new addition to the FurDollar Emporium., the Birb Pinata! This cool little paper birb will cost you 100 FD and contains some very cute and fun items.


Birb Pinata Contents

Take a look below at all the cool little things that you could get from the Birb Pinata (when opened the Pinata will give one of the below items at random).


The lovely rainbow of 8 Jumbo Gummi Bears above are some very special new food items, they are worth 100 Food Points each!

Have fun busting open those Pinatas guys!

Oh and - Aspen - too!

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    • Teskeria
      People would have to spend over $50 to get enough of the birb pinatas and there's still no guarantee that all of the birb pinatas would give them gummy bears as only you get one item at random chance. So it's highly unlikely that the feast will be pay to win. So please quit over reacting and just be happy there's new items. :3

    • so basically we have gone back to pay to win the Feast. People with plenty of real life cash will be able to buy lots of pinatas to get worker slots. Especially as they made it harder to get a worker slot

    • Me: goes back to animal husbandry for the first time in a couple months, bc dromedaries are finally breedable
      My AH villager: all 12 pages of stables gone along with the couple pages of saved dromedaries
      durability is the worst game mechanic, guess I'm not doing anything after all.

    • Pinata Loot box, bummed on another loot box but hey, its cute.

    • Ohhhhhhhhhhh nice update! :D
      I was going to sleep. BUT NO! I MUST BATTLEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!~

    • Oh cool!! I really like the new items! Im assuming the pinata is a permanent addition? Neat update ;w;

    • too bad the gummy bears expire. you'd think that they would have a very long shelf life but I guess they don't.


    • Ryuuka please I'm gonna fucking cry I CAN'T EVEN DELETE IT XJSKSKSKSLS I'M WHEEZING

    • I had to read it like three times and just thought im still drunk from the night before skskskskskksksskk MZZA