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Oceandome Event Shop Is Open!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 31 Aug 2019, 5:20 am


It's that time again, time to spend your Plunder Points! The Oceandome Event Shop is stocked and open for business!

What are you still doing here, go buy things!!!

Happy Shopping!

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    • Strange, I didn't get any plunder at all. All I got from my ship was Sky Rocks. How were you supposed to buy this stuff from the shop?

    • Hey Admin-Mat , when the event ends tonight, will we still be able to craft our remaining fragments into wheels and use them, and also convert our treasure to plunder?

    • MY HEART! The Puffin! Everything looks so great! BUT THE PUFFIN! I require an army of them! XD

    • The art for the little aquariums are so beautiful, holy smokes. I can't get over it. The shop items are so neat!

    • Will we be getting new buttons this year?

    • The ocean dreams soup stone isn't in the shop, is that on purpose?

    • You re-relased the buttons! What a great touch! xD
      I hope you do the same with the past Haloween event buttons.
      Cause I bougth zero of those... Ü

    • Admin-Mat Thank you! This is my first event, so I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be a regular collectible or not lol

    • Skelterwild You can send that Non Magic sticker to me in a Trade for a Magic version.

    • Is the jeweled big cat meant to be non-magical? It's the only sticker I bought without magic ;w;