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Halloween Month Is Here!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 30 Sep 2019, 2:56 am


October is here (yes I am a lil early) so let’s check out the new monthly goodies!

New Minipets

The October FD Pets are here! Let's take a peek at what we have for this month...


First up is the Barn Owl! Friendly familiars, helping you work some magic!


Do they wink or blink? It’s the Hoppyclops!


Lykoi! Awoo? No, Amew..

FD Pets can be obtained from the FurDollar Emporium. They have five day breeding cool downs and are available for breeding until November 1st.

October Feast Minipets



The October Seeds are back! Here’s a reminder of what we have for this month...

Dragonsmaw Manor: 3751-sinister-gourdian-seed.png3745-rogue-gourdian.png

Oceandome: 3749-aquatic-gourdian-seed.png3746-summoner-gourdian.png

Olde Foxbury: 3750-armoured-gourdian-seed.png3743-bard-gourdian.png

Quetzal Palace: 3747-radiant-gourdian-seed.png3742-barbarian-gourdian.png

Tigereye Peak: 3748-frozen-gourdian-seed.png3744-mage-gourdian.png

And last but not least, the very fabulous Lucien Nightshade, Festival Ringmaster Extraordinaire, wants me to let everyone know that it’s time to start preparing for the spooktacular Dragonsmaw Manor Festival that is coming in late October! So let’s all start getting into the spooky Carnival spirit!

Happy Spooptober!

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    • These look so awesome

    • I'm so new and confused send help.OwO

    • ...not that I'm complaining or anything...hope it didn't sound that way...

    • nearly a year later...and Narwhapples are still breedable...

    • I know it's for Halloween, but why'd it have to be Spiders?!

    • Direwolf_1411225 Users are able to get seeds through the special explorer events, as well as through the stalls when other users sell them. You can also trade items or services such as art, coding, etc in exchange for seeds to those willing.