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Scheduled Downtime - Oct 13 - 11am

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 10 Oct 2019, 10:19 pm


Hello everyone!

Furvilla will be entering a scheduled maintenance mode on Sunday, October 13th at 11am, Furvilla Time. During this downtime we will be adding various new site features.

We expect this downtime to last at least 2 hours. Please plan accordingly. Thank you!

- Aspen -

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    • Oooooh, yes! Spooky time!!

    • I don't think it would come this early tho :'0

    • Ik exactly what y'all are gonna be doing!!

      Yeah boi! The Halloween event!!!!

    • Oh, nice. can't wait to see what you guys got new for this site.

    • oh no. I remember the hours of boredom i had when animal jam had downtime. Now I need to find something actually productive to do with my day.

    • oo :0 thanks for the heads up ! excited to see whats gonna be new !!

    • Looking forward to the new site features!