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Snow Festival

Posted by Admin-Mat on 14 Dec 2016, 1:57 pm


Polaria says:

Good afternoon to all the five villages! Please excuse my tardiness, these old bones ache a lot in the morning so it's hard to get moving. But despite that, dears, let me introduce myself to the rest of you. My name is Polaria, and I'm the mayor of Tigereye Peak. On behalf of my village and all its residents, we're excited to share the Snow Festival with you!


Around this time of year, the snow fairies come out of hiding play with the residents of Tigereye Peak. We've encouraged them to travel far and wide across Furvilla, so you'll be able to encounter them too! Each fairy has a special ability that'll bring a boon to your villagers. The abilities vary from giving you a cute holiday item to improving your village someway. If you're curious, they're easily viewable here.

If you didn't know, it was a Frozen Leaf Fairy that led the founder of Tigereye Peak to the mountain where we all reside. In the cold of the night, Samuel and his exploration party were ready to give up. But then there was a beautiful golden light, and Samuel followed it to the caves and mountain crags where we live now. Because of this, you often see Snow Festival trees topped with a golden tiger -- a tiger, because Samuel was a tiger, and golden, because of the Frozen Leaf Fairy's beautiful glow.

Fairies will befriend you while you explore or battle monsters. You'll encounter them easily at first, but as you collect a lot of fairies, they will slowly become more rare to encounter. But never fear, dears, this resets at the top of each day, so you can start finding fairies easier again at the beginning of the next day.


We have a lot of simply wonderful holiday furniture that you can obtain from one of the fairies. One tradition we have here in Tigereye Peak is to fill our homes with Snow Festival decorations, and we've made it into a bit of a contest. If you'd like to participate in the contest, decorate your home with Snow Festival items, and then post your home here in this thread. There are some cute little prizes for the participants! (Speaking of furniture, did you know a darling named Darkmoon Dancer is the one crafting all this furniture? She's so talented! What a dear!)


Even our villagers are getting into the spirit of the holiday. Why don't you try putting on the Fluffy Costume if you're a Gembound, Wickerbeast, Dutch Angel Dragon, Deer, Big Cat, or Snuffle? I'd love if you could bundle in something warm, because you know I worry about all of you, right? Now that the snow's drifting from Tigereye Peak, it must be so cold in those other villages... I know Olde Foxbury and Quetzal Palace are used to the cold weather, but I worry so much for you folks in Oceandome and Dragonsmaw Manor! The weather's usually so temperate down there...


There are a lot of cute outfits that our village is producing too, which you can dress yourself in when you're blessed by a Magic Plush. One of the fairies will give you one of those Magic Plushes if you ask it nicely enough! Darlings, please bear in mind these Snow Festival colors will be available only during this year's event, then will retire.


Since the snow is drifting down into the other villages, perhaps you'd like to make a new friend? Our Snowbunny and Snowfox population has simply exploded now that the Festival has come! We'd like to invite you to take one of each with you. Simply click on them to do so! During the festival, these snow critters breed quite fast, with cool-downs of one day. However, when the Festival is over, they will no longer be breedable. Please keep that in mind! If you're searching for the rarer colors of these pets, please be sure to breed them out during the fourteen days of the festival.


Last, we'd love to see how you decide to dress up for the festival! Therefore, we're having another contest, where you can show us your beautiful look, dears. Submit a Paintie to the contest that's themed with the Snow Festival to participate, and I might be congratulating you as one of the best dressed in the Snow Festival! Come participate here!

All of us here at Tigereye Peak hope you enjoy the Snow Festival!

Information Recap:

All items retire on December 29th. Plushes and Furniture items will not be re-released.

Mini-Pets have a 1 Day Cooldown until 12:00 PM on December 29th, in which they become unbreedable and retired.

Fairies are obtained from the Explore and Warrior features, and begin with a 20% drop rate, decreasing by 1% with every fairy found to a 1% drop rate. This resets at the beginning of the next day. Fairies will drop until December 29th.

Contests (house and Paintie) end December 29th.

The current site theme will become an option for use after the Snow Festival as the game goes back to default layout.

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    • Salamander you get the fairies as a chance from exploring and warrior battles. the fairies each do different things- one of them will give you a plush, one will give you a furniture item, others give you buffs, etc. you get whatever they offer by using them from your inventory. as for the costumes, you either have to buy them or live in tep to get the stuff to make them. i hope that helps! :3

    • This Festival is Debacle and if you need time to fix the servers then we should get extended time for the festival like an extra week or however long it takes you to fix this horrendous lag that renders every job useless!!!

    • Going to have to jump on board with the slow loading and incredibly frustrating exploring is ruining it for me. Its taking 40+ minutes to do a full round of exploring... its... tedious and takes nearly all hour.

    • it just took me 55 minutes to finish the explores for 3 explorers. in case anyone needed a timeframe for how terrible the lag is.

    • Also...seconding Ruby 's post about minipet cooldowns. As it is, I'm probably going to only end up with the innitial two.

    • I can't even make one measly bottle of medicine, the lag is so bad.

    • I like the exclusive costume ideas but i'm a little upset because unless you live at TEP you're going to have to fork over mountains of currency just to obtain one since the ingredients AND book itself are only available there. I'm also pretty sure the newcomers don't have the 450,000+ fc to spend on a single cute costume either :(

      Hopefully future holidays are a little better. I'm well aware this is the first and fully understand that there can be tweaks and changes to help make the experience better for the others :)

    • Every time I try to use one of my careers, it runs too slowly then it says Database error and I havent been able to use my explorer, warrior, etc. Every once in awhile I can use my herbalists but thats it.

    • Every time I try to use one of my careers, it runs too slowly then it says Database error and I havent been able to use my explorer, warrior, etc. Every once in awhile I can use my herbalists but thats it.

    • What happened to 'no plans as of right now for costumes for rare/potion species'? but I digress

      With the rate that rare pets are bred, it is going to be extremely difficult if not impossible to collect all the rare colors of these pets in two weeks. Other games I am in have done this before and I am here to say it is a bad idea. They should have a very long cooldown after the festival is over, or be breedable only during future snow festivals.