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Season's Greetings!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 24 Dec 2019, 5:49 pm


Season's Greetings from Furvilla!

Please enjoy a gift from Furvilla, this pair of festive Ruby Parsettias! You will receive 2 pets using this code, plus a breeding potion, just in case you need to use it to obtain the pair you desire.



Oh... the code will also award you five 3rd Annifursary Gift boxes as an added bonus.

Five Boxes A- Singing!

We would also like to welcome a new addition to our recent Feast Costume! The Feast Gembound is now here, and they are looking as sweet as worms!

Gummy worms!

From all of us here at Furvilla, please enjoy the day!
- Aspen -

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    • Thanks you all in Furvilla staff
      And happy holidays to yall

    • I'm not gonna lie, I'm not a fan of gembounds, but this one is really cute.

    • "I got worms!"
      "..I beg your pardon?"
      "I Got Worms! That's what we're gonna call it-"

      LOL thanks staff for all the work you guys do for this site. Happy holidays everyone! :3

    • Just a heads up, the costume is currently bugged. It did not work correctly for my villager #268042

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    • Holiday cheer indeed! Happy holidays Furvilla <3

    • AAAH The Gembound is so cute!!

    • Happy holidays

    • These are so cute! Thanks, and happy holidays!

    • I SUPER SUPER appreciate the breeding potion. And the gembound is so cute! Gummy worms are amazing