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Opinions Please!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 9 Jan 2020, 12:14 am


Hey look, it's a new Poll!


Thanks for voting!

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    • Ah ... did I miss it? It's not showing for me. ;v; ah well.
      Anyway, I'd vote re-release. Or if it's a new pet every month then just have one instead of three!

    • I voted for re-release, As much as I love seeing the new pets each month, there's just so many FDE pets that at this point it's nearly impossible for someone to get a complete their menagerie. I also think the addition of the new Cottage Shoppe where you can essentially "recycle" pets for exclusive prizes will help keep the pets from completely losing their value, (even if the rerelease pets are made breedable) as I image a lot of players will chuck their extras into the cottage to get leaves.

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    • I can never afford to buy these for FD. I'd like there to be some other way to get them, maybe FurGems?

    • Thank you for making this poll. Soo many of us are at burn out with 3 boxes each month every month for real $ currency....each month. It gets overwhelming and also discouraging knowing menagerie will never ever be complete so...yeah. Thankyou for listening!

    • I voted do nothing. That way old pets retain value and the reason for breeding them in the first place isn't lost. There are so many pets as is. If anything I'd personally like a new pet that can be collected from Animal Husbandry. Maybe one that has a chance of appearing in any village very rarely? a 1-2% chance of collection. That would be really cool.

    • I would like to see one new pet and one re-release - that way we can have something new and exciting, but also have another chance at an older pet. There's just an overwhelming number of minipets, menagerie completion seems impossible, and the list is always increasing.

    • i've been on the "release less pets per month and re-release old pets" train for a long time. one new pet & 2-3 older ones would be nice. just the 3 new pets per month makes the collection absolutely crazy & it would be nicer to focus on just one, esp with the possibility of others coming back if you miss them.

    • I voted to do the normal thing, but honestly I'd be okay knocking it down to 1 or 2 FDE pets instead of three... Pets are prettymuch the only thing I do here anymore, but it's too expensive to do all of them.