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Animal Husbandry - odds and charge updates.

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 12 Jan 2020, 8:36 pm


Hi everyone! I have some more news concerning the Animal Husbandry expansion, which we released last weekend.

Tonight, around midnight Furvilla time, we will be reducing breeding charges to 50 per account, as mentioned in a previous news post. Color breeding odds will be increasing once more at that time.

These changes are designed to help you more often reach higher color levels while breeding and to keep the Cottage Shop goods sustainable in the long-term. While we will be monitoring the results of this change, we believe this will be the last update to the odds.

From time to time, we may increase breeding charges to coincide with festivals or special events. We are also exploring ways to rarely re-release certain pets to help with collection completion.

Two new items have been added to the Cottage Shop.


We also have several new items for the shoppe on order from our artists so please keep donating, there is more to come!

Furvilla Merch Shop will be closed - January 15th thru January 27th

Our Merch Shop will be closing temporarily on January 15th as our shipping staff travels to Further Confusion in San Jose, California. If you are planning to attend the convention, please do stop by table 5 in the dealer room and pick up a special trophy code!

If you would like to place an order before we close, please do so before the 15th. Our shop will be open again after January 27th. Thank you.

That is all I have for you today.
Enjoy your upcoming week!
- Aspen -

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    • I don't like the reduced charges, I liked it better at 100 per day.

    • I like the collectables being sold for common leaves

    • ...I was hoping the reduction in breeding charges wouldn't come so soon...wish it would stick around at 100 until after the snow pets go sterile, at least. Luckily, I got the second super-rare leafy sea dragon I needed yesterday, so those and the narwhals can go on hold until the snowpets retire, I suppose...

    • MochaWishes RiceCakes they are referring to the 100/100 daily breedings. they are changing it "around midnight" tonight.

    • MochaWishes they will change it for tomorrow, after 12AM FVT
      RiceCakes they aren't gonna put the charges on the pets, they are gonna halve the number of pets you can breed in a day. they will up the odds to get a higher level pet when you do but a lot of people don't seem to want them to half the number of breeding charges per day a user gets.

    • RiceCakes MochaWishes
      The total animals you can breed will be going from 100 to 50 a day. And according to the above and a prvious post, breeding odds will be increased "accordingly", whatever that means, (most likely also doubling again, or something similar.)

    • RiceCakes just checked my AH, and there's still 100/100 breedings. I think they meant charges for limited animals and such (I hope it doesn't apply to all animals now :/)

    • When you say charges do you mean the current 100/100 daily breedings? or 50 on the limited pets, like the sugar gliders?

    • Sounds good. I'm glad we've finally gotten these changes to husbandry. Thanks :>