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Referral Contest Ended

Posted by Admin-Mat on 21 Dec 2016, 12:11 pm


Our launch referral contest has now come to an end! Screenshots were taken at exactly 12:00 PM, and the tentative winners are: Kiitsu , Felispirit , and zmei_vulpe .

Staff will now be looking into the referrals for the three winners to ensure the referrals were earned in accordance with our rules. Congratulations to our tentative winners! After everything checks out, we will be in contact with how to claim your prize from Dandylions, LLC.

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    • congrats to the winners!! you all deserve the amazing prize <33

    • Wasn't even aware there was a contest. Congrats winners!

    • Congrats ^^

    • Congrats to the winners! It's crazy how many referrals you got!

    • congrats!!! i couldnt keep up haha. managed to get to 48.

    • At exactly 12:00 pm it showed on my screen as through Hallelujah beat zmei by 2 points?

    • I forgot this was even a thing XD But congratz y'all

    • And congrats to the other winners! They sure fought hard, lemme tell you |'D

    • Oh my God?? I'm so excited and happy omf ;v; thank you; even if this is tentative I ?? am actually shaking tysm

    • Congrats, there was no way I was even touching close to those numbers. Wish it would've been a raffle instead.