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Posted by Admin-Mat on 20 Mar 2020, 3:03 pm


Please check out the new Poll and cast your vote!


Thanks for your time!

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    • I love birds, I had to go with Meeps.

    • I know cats win every time but.. cats. Of course they would win

    • i hope gaiacats win but i love the meeps and baa's too :>

    • I'm struggling to vote. I'm stuck between Doberpups and Baas! CozyPaws :-; so sorry to hear of your pup's passing. They leave such huge holes in our hearts and lives.

    • Doberpups....I"m tired of the cats winning every month lol....please Doberpups!

    • Jess needs her chickens... but I voted for Baa's as sheep were just released, and I think it'd nice to have them come back with them~

      .... Though, Doberpups were my second choice, as doggo~ <3

    • Please please Doberpups, I used to have a Doberman, I loved him with all my heart but he passed away ;c

    • 1829-yellow-meep.png1830-brown-meep.png1831-gray-meep.png1832-hatchling-meep.png

    • Meeps or Gaiacats... So hard to choose!! ToT